Agreement on use of the reference book

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Agreement on use of the reference book
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The user of this website directly agrees that he uses reference book materials on own risk. Information of the reference book serves for acquaintance and cannot be considered as the recommendation to patients on diagnosing and treatment of any diseases and cannot serve as a substitute of consultation with the doctor, as well as changes of its recommendations.

Official information on use of any medicine should be looked in the leaf insert which is contained in its packaging.

Services of this Internet reference book are provided on the principle "as is" without guarantees of any sort both direct, and indirect. The user in a voluntary order refuses prosecution of owners of the website and compensation of the possible harm done to health of the User.

The administration of does not bear responsibility for the possible damage caused to your health, the independent treatment which is carried out according to the recommendations made on this website. The user completely is responsible for any wrong treatment which can arise owing to viewing, reading or copying of materials of this Internet reference book, and thus no legal or natural person can be responsible for use of the mentioned materials. Under no circumstances responsibility for effects which were caused directly or indirectly by use of information posted on this website cannot be assigned to administration of the website and to be the basis for their prosecution.