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Questions and answers on diseases of the alimentary system of the person.
Types and factors of emergence of gallstones
Additional methods of research for diagnosis of cirrhosis
How to treat chronic gastritis?
How to define biliary cirrhosis and what its clinical characteristic?
How the digestive tract at a system lupus erythematosus is surprised?
What allocate morphological forms of cirrhosis?
What changes of the general state are observed at chronic gastritis?
What laboratory and tool methods of research are used at diagnosis of chronic gastritis?
What pathological symptoms of chronic gastritis?
What symptoms of chronic gastritis?
What factors contribute to cholecystitis?
What clinical and laboratory signs characterize chronic autoimmune hepatitis?
What clinical laboratory features of a chronic viral hepatitis of B and S?
What complications of chronic cholecystitis?
Classification of cirrhoses of a liver
Clinical features of cirrhosis of a virus etiology
Laboratory and tool data of chronic cholecystitis
Laboratory and tool methods of research in diagnosis of a peptic ulcer
Laboratory and tool methods of inspection necessary for diagnosis of chronic hepatitis
Laboratory indicators at acute cholecystitis
Laboratory syndromes at chronic hepatitis
Laboratory syndromes at cirrhosis
Markers of viruses of hepatitis
Methods of detection of chronic pancreatitis
Some questions and answers on a peptic ulcer
Complications of cirrhosis
Main clinical syndromes of cirrhosis
Basic principles of therapy of a peptic ulcer
Acute cholecystitis
Pathogeny of formation of gallstones
Pathogeny of chronic hepatitis
Pathogeny of chronic pancreatitis
Patomorfologiya of cholecystitis
The periods during chronic pancreatitis
Why there is a discomfort in a stomach?
Principles of treatment of cirrhosis
Symptom complexes at chronic pancreatitis
Stages of cholelithiasis and its diagnosis
Conditions of emergence of a cholangitis and its clinical manifestations
Pharmacological treatment of a peptic ulcer
Chronic persistent, chronic active and chronic lobulyarny hepatitises
What characterizes portal hypertensia?
What characterizes chronic hepatitis with a cholestatic syndrome?
What is understood as gastric dyspepsia?
What is cholecystitis?
What is chronic gastritis?
What is characteristic of a pathomorphologic picture of alcoholic cirrhosis?
Erosion of a mucous membrane of a stomach and erosive gastritis
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