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Okoferon (Ocoferonum)

International name: interferon alpha 2b;

Main physical and chemical properties: the lyophilized porous mass of white color;

Structure. 1 bottle includes 1 million ME of interferon human recombinant alpha 2b, after dissolution of powder of liofilizovany 1 ml of solution includes 200 000 ME of interferon human recombinant alpha 2b;

other components: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dvozameshchenny 12-water, sodium phosphate one substituted 2-water, Polyglucinum dry, nipagin, water for injections.

Form of release of medicine. Powder liofilizovanny for preparation of drops eye.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Cytokines and immunomodulators. Automatic telephone exchange of L03A B05.

Pharmacological properties. Okoferon shows immunomodulatory and anti-virus activity. Immunomodulatory activity is connected with phagocytosis activation, stimulation of antibody formation and lymphokines.

Antiviral action is caused by influence on specific membrane receptors and induction of synthesis of RNA and eventually - proteins that interferes with a normal reproduction of a virus or its release.

Pharmacokinetics. By means of modern methods in biological environments of an organism to determine pharmacokinetic parameters after administration of drug in a conjunctival sac is not possible.

Indications for use. Different forms of an oftalmogerpes (keratokonjyuktivita, keratouveita, etc.).

Way of use and dose. To open bottles No. 1 (liofizilat) and No. 2 (solvent). It is careful to pour out the maintenance of a bottle No. 2 in a bottle No. 1 then to put on it a cover dropper that is added, and to shake up before dissolution of visible parts of powder.

1 ml contains 200 thousand ME of interferon human recombinant alpha 2b.

To dig in 1-2 drops of Okoferon in a conjunctival sac of the affected eye each 2 hours within 7-10 days. In process of disappearance of symptoms of a disease the number of introductions can be reduced.

Side effect. In isolated cases the individual intolerance and development of allergic reactions are possible. At their development of use of drug it is necessary to cancel.

Contraindications. Individual intolerance of drug.

Overdose. At reception of requirements of the instruction overdose of eye drops is impossible.

Features of use. Drug it is desirable to control efficiency of elimination of viruses at treatment by means of virologic researches.

Interaction with other medicines. For the purpose of avoidance possible physical and chemical interactions of an okoferon with other ophthalmologic means it is reasonable to apply it in 30 minutes prior to an instillation in an eye of other medicines or in 30 minutes after an instillation in an eye of other medicines.

Terms and storage conditions. In the dry place at a temperature from 4 ° to 10 °C.

Period of storage - 2 years. A period of validity after disclosure - 28 days.

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