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Kenazol. Kenazole.

General characteristic:

international and chemical names: ketokonazol; piperazin 1 acetyl - 4-[4 - [[2-(2,4 - dichlorophenyl) - 2 - (1H - the imidazole - 1 - ilmetit) - 1,3 dioxolane - 4 - _l] metoks] phenyl] - cis-(±) - cis-1 - acetyl - 4 [p-[[2,4 - dichlorophenyl)-2-(imidazol-1-ilmetit) - 1,3 dioxolane - the 4th silt] metoks] phenyl].

Main physical and chemical characteristics: pink, viscous liquid with a specific smell.

The structure of 1 grams of shampoo includes 20 mg of a ketokonazol;

other components: sodium a lauryl ether sulfate, urea imidazolidinit, dinatrium lauretsulfosuktsinat, dietanolamid fatty coconut acid, Silvastra fragrance, sodium chloride, FD & C dye red No. 4 and the purified water.

Form of release of medicine. Shampoo.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Antifungal drug for outside use.

D01A C08.

Effect of the medicine. Ketokonazol is a synthetic derivative imidazoldioksolana which has fungicidal and a fungistasis on dermatophytes, such as Trichophyton-sp, Epidermophyton-sp., Microsporum-sp., and yeast, such as Candida-sp, Malassezia furfur (Pityrosporum ovale). Shampoo with ketokonazoly quickly reduces a peeling and an itch which often are associated with dandruff, seborrheal eczema and a chromophytosis.

Pharmacokinetics. Absorption of a ketokonazol through skin at topical administration insignificant. As even at prolonged use contents of a ketokonazol in blood are not defined, it is possible to consider that drug has no systemic action.

Indications for use. Treatment and prevention of damages of skin and hair which are caused by barmy microorganisms of Pityrosporum, such as dandruff, a chromophytosis (local).

Way of use and dose.

To apply shampoo on affected areas Kenazol of 2% for 3-5 minutes then to wash away water.


dandruff and seborrheal eczema: two times a week within 3-4 weeks;

chromophytosis: daily within 5 days.


dandruff and seborrheal eczema: every week or 1 time for two weeks;

chromophytosis: daily within 3 days (a one-time course of treatment).

Side effect. Shampoo Kenazol of 2% is well transferred. As well as when using other shampoos it can be observed local irritations, a burning sensation and an itch. Hair can become fat or dry.

In some cases, generally at patients with chemically injured, gray hair, insignificant change of a shade of a hair color is noted.

Contraindications. Kenazol shampoo of 2% is contraindicated with hypersensitivity to any from its components.

Overdose. When using shampoo Kenazol of 2% development of overdose is not provided as drug is appointed only for outside use. In case of overdose necessary treatment consists in use of the supporting actions. For the prevention of aspiration it is forbidden to cause vomiting or to wash out a stomach.

Features of use. When using shampoo it is necessary to avoid hit of drug in eyes. At hit in eyes – they should be washed out water.

For the prevention of a withdrawal at prolonged topical treatment by corticosteroids Kenazol of 2% with the subsequent gradual cancellation of corticosteroids within 2-3 weeks is recommended to continue local uses of corticosteroids with shampoo.

Seborrheal dermatitis and dandruff often are followed strengthened a hair loss which can proceed in some cases some and for the beginning of use of shampoo Kenazol of 2%.

Pregnancy and lactation. As at topical administration ketokonazol it is practically not soaked up, shampoo use Kenazol of 2% during pregnancy and a lactation is not contraindicated.

Interaction with other medicines. It is not noted.

Storage conditions. To store at a temperature not above 25 °C, in the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity. 3 years.

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