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Kamagel (Kamagel)

Main physical and chemical characteristics: homogeneous yellow or chartreuse gel with a smell of perfumery and acetic acid in which there are no solid particles and other mechanical houses;

Structure. 1 g of gel includes aluminum of acetotartrate 10% solution - 0,005 g, extract of flowers of a camomile glycolic - 0,01 g;

other components: an agar-agar, glycerin, sodium a carbonate, ethanol of 96%, camomile fragrance, the water purified.

Form of release of medicine. Gel.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Dermatological medicines.

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Effect of the medicine. Pharmacodynamics. Acetotartrate of aluminum works locally as the soft knitting drug and an antiseptic agent. In a site of application it causes coagulation of proteins that creates a blanket on skin and reduces permeability of capillaries and exudation, an inflammation and development of an infection. Essential oil and flavones of a camomile which contain in camomile extract also reduce an inflammation and work as a moderate antiseptic agent.

Active agents as a part of drug synergy reduce an inflammation, hypostasis, pain and an itch at different dermatitis owing to a sunblister, excessive sweating, frequent contact with water, stings of insects, burns of jellyfishes, etc.

Pharmacokinetics. Drug is not soaked up in a system blood stream, works locally.

Indications to use. Kamagel is recommended at a skin inflammation owing to:

excessive stay on the sun;

- excessive sweating or moistening of bends and folds of skin;

- stings of insects;

- sting by jellyfishes;

- irritations when shaving;

Kamagel it is possible to apply at hypostases after blows, at stretchings and bruises.


Use and doses of drug. For decrease in an inflammation of skin Kamagel apply with a thin layer on an affected area several times in days.

For elimination of hypostases, stretchings and bruises gel is applied with a thick layer on an affected area under a bandage. Duration of a course of treatment is defined individually.

Side effect.

Allergic reactions on skin in a look reddening and an itch are in some cases possible.


Hypersensitivity (allergy) to any component which is a part of this drug.


As Kamagel is not soaked up, overdose is almost impossible.

Features of use.

Kamagel is appointed only for outside use. It is necessary to avoid hit of gel on mucous membranes or in eyes.

Kamagel do not apply on open wounds.

Kamagel it is possible to apply to treatment of newborns and small children, but it is necessary to watch that the child could not pinch gel.

Ethanol is Kamagel's part. Therefore frequent putting gel on skin can cause irritations and entail a xeroderma.

Pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Pregnant women and women who nurse the child can apply Kamagel as he acts locally and is almost not soaked up.

Interaction with other medicines. It was not observed.

Conditions and periods of storage. To store at a temperature not above 25 °C.

To store in the place, unavailable to children.

It is not necessary to use drug after the termination of the period of validity specified on its packaging. A period of validity - 3 years.

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