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Kagotsel (Kagocel)

the name is chemical: sodium salt of copolymer (1 —> 4)-6-0-карбоксиметил-β-D-глюкозы, (1 —> 4)-β-D-глюкозы, (21 —> 24)-2, 3, 14, 15, 21, 24, 29, 32-oktagidroksi-23-(karboksimetoksimetit)-7, 10-dimethyl-4, 13 di (2 propyl)-19, 22, 26, 30, 31-pentaoksageptatsiklo [, 20.05, 28.08, 27.09, 18.012, 17] dotriakonta-1, 3, 5(28), 6, 8(27), 9(18), 10, 12(17), 13, a 15-dekayena;

Main physical and chemical characteristics: round oboyevypukly tablets from cream till brown color with impregnations;

Structure. each tablet contains a kagotsel 0, 012 g;

other components: potato starch, calcium stearate, sugar milk.

Form of release of medicine. Tablets.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Antiviral drugs for system use and immunostimulators. Code of automatic telephone exchange J05A ò.

Effect of the medicine.

Pharmacodynamics. The main mechanism of effect of drug is its ability to call products of interferon. Kagotsel makes educations in a human body so invited late interferon which is mix α-, β-and also g-interferonov which have high antiviral action. Kagotsel produces interferon practically in all populations of cells which take participation in antiviral an organism response: T - and V-lymphocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial cells. At intake of one dose of drug the interferon caption in blood serum reaches the maximum values in 48 hours of Interferonov the response of an organism to Kagotsel's introduction is characterized long (till 4 - 5 days) by circulation of interferon in a blood-groove. Dynamics of accumulation of interferon in intestines at administration of drug does not match dynamics of credits of the circulating interferon inside. In blood serum products of interferon reach high values only in the 48th hour after Kagotsel's reception while in intestines at most it is noted products of interferon in the 4th hour.

Kagotsel at appointment in therapeutic doses is non-toxic drug which almost does not collect in an organism. Drug has no mutagen, teratogenic and cancerogenic properties, has no embriotoksichesky action.

The greatest efficiency at treatment by Kagotsel is reached at his appointment no later than the 4th day from the beginning of an acute infection. With the preventive purpose drug can be used in any terms including directly after contact with a contagium.

Pharmacokinetics. In the 24th hour after introduction to an organism Kagotsel collects, generally in a liver, in a smaller step in lungs, a thymus gland, a spleen, kidneys, lymph nodes. Low concentration of drug are observed in fatty tissue, heart, muscles, seed plants, a brain, a blood plasma. Low Kagotsel's connection in a brain, perhaps, is explained big by the molecular mass of drug that complicates its penetration through a blood-brain barrier. In a blood plasma drug is mainly in a usual state.

At daily reusable introduction of Kagotsel the volume of distribution fluctuates over a wide range in all studied bodies. Especially expressed accumulation of drug in a spleen and lymph nodes. At oral administration about 20% of the entered drug dose get to the general blood stream. Drug which was soaked up circulates in blood, generally in the form connected with macromolecules: with lipids - 47%, with proteins - 37%. The untied part of drug makes nearly 16%.

Removal of drug from an organism results, generally through intestines: in 7 days after introduction 88% of the entered dose, including 90% - with excrements and 10% - with urine are brought out of an organism. In expired air drug was not found.

Indications for use. Kagotsel apply at adults as preventive and medical drug at flu and other respiratory and viral infections, herpes, and also at treatment of urogenital clamidiosis.

Way of use and dose. For treatment of flu and acute respiratory and viral infections by the adult appoint in the first 2 days – 2 tablets 3 times a day, in the next 2 days - on 1 tablet 3 times a day. The general duration of a course of treatment makes - 4 days during which the patient takes 18 pill.

For treatment of herpes by the adult appoint 2 tablets 3 times a day within 5 days.

For treatment of urogenital clamidiosis by the adult appoint 2 tablets 3 times a day within 5 days.

Prevention of respiratory and viral infections at adults to be carried out by 7-day cycles: two days - 2 tablets of 1 times a day, the next 5 days drug do not accept (break), then the cycle is repeated. Duration of a preventive course - from one week to several months.

Side effect. Development of allergic reactions is possible.

Contraindications. The increased individual sensitivity to drug components, the periods of pregnancy and a lactation.

Overdose. At accidental overdose nausea, pain in epigastric area are observed. It is recommended to appoint the uses of a large amount of liquid, and also to entail vomiting.

Features of use. For achievement of medical effect Kagotsel's reception should be begun no later than the fourth day from emergence of the first symptoms of a viral disease.

Preventive and medical effect of Kagotsel at children it was not studied.

Interaction with other medicines. Drug is well combined with other antiviral drugs, immunomodulators and various antibiotics and antibacterial drugs (the additive effect takes place).

Conditions and periods of storage. To store in the unavailable to children, protected from light place.

Period of validity - 2 years.

It is not recommended to use drug after the termination of a period of validity.

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