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Food of the child

Help data on food and digestion of the child. 

Anatomy of a digestive tract of the child
Stomach disease and a duodenum at children
Diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways at children
Intestines diseases at children
Liver diseases at children
Time of the first defecation at children
Feeding of premature children
Defect of filling of an ureter
Diagnosis of diseases of a liver at children of the first months of life
Diagnosis of diseases at children with abdominal pains
Diagnosis of psychogenic vomiting with other pathogenetic options
Daily metabolic cost at the growing premature newborn
Pancreas diseases at children
Infectious diseases of a digestive tract at children
Classification of diseases of a gullet at children
The amount of milk received by the children who were born in different terms of pre-natal development
Criteria for determination of terms of the first feeding
Criteria of forecasting of a current of a peptic ulcer at children
Medical use of D3 vitamin (Videinum 3)
The menu for children with diabetes
Monitoring of the newborns receiving PPP
Some indicators of activity of enzymes and secretion at children
Normal indicators of secretory function of a stomach at children
Normal indicators stimulated a histamine of gastric secretion at children
Norms of food of babies
Food volumes for babies
Features of vomiting at children
Transition of a contrast agent from a gullet in a trachea and bronchial tubes
The food additives recommended for the premature newborn receiving an enteroalimentation
Indications to probe food
Indications to parenteral food
Needs of the newborn for nutrients and energy
Needs of newborns for water and electrolytes
Need for the main ingredients of parenteral food depending on day
Need of babies for the main feedstuffs
Need of newborns for liquid
Approximate composition of colostrum, female and cow's milk
Use of mineral waters for children with gastrointestinal tract diseases
The dysphagy reasons at children of different age
The reasons of a liver failure at children's age
Contraindications for probe food
Preventive purpose of D3 vitamin (Videinum 3) to children of early age and pregnant women
Calculation of a kalorazh at an enteroalimentation
Rare syndromes at gullet diseases at children
The recommended daily need for vitamins at newborns
The recommended additives of microelements in solutions for parenteral food
Respiratory disturbances at gastroenterological diseases
Rigidity of folds of a mucous membrane of a stomach
Sanatorium treatment of children with gastroenterological pathology
Symptomatic gastroduodenal ulcers at children
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