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Various information on medicines 

Activity of penicillin
The active metabolites which are formed at biotransformation of medicines
Antiarrhytmic effects of medicines
Aritmogenny effects of medicines
The substances emitted by active transport in renal tubules
Interaction and - adrenoblockers with drugs of other groups
Interaction of anti-hypertensive drugs with other means
Interaction of basic antirheumatic means
Interaction of blockers of slow calcium channels
Interaction of ganglioblokator with medicines of other groups
Interaction of diuretics with others of medicines
Interaction of APF inhibitors and blockers of receptors of angiotensin II
Interaction of the drugs applied to treatment of a peptic ulcer
Interaction of neurotropic anti-hypertensive drugs
Interaction of oral contraceptives with other medicines
Interaction of sympatholytics with medicines of other groups
Interactions of medicines with theophylline
Vitamins at infectious and allergic diseases
Influence of antiarrhytmic drugs I of a class on some indicators of an ECG
Influence of diuretics on a mineral and lipidic exchange
Influence of diuretics on functions of kidneys
Influence of medicines on biochemical indicators
Influence of food on absorption of medicines
Influence of choleretics on processes of a bile production and zhelchevydeleniye
Temporary indicators of action of inhalation beta2-adrenostimulyator
Temporary characteristics of occurrence of effect of stimulators central and - adrenoceptors
The choice of antibiotics at secondary stability of microflora
Removal of medicines with saliva
Removal of toxic agents and medicines from an organism
Gram-negative activity of penicillin
Effect of APF inhibitors and blockers of receptors of angiotensin II
Duration of effect of heparin at different ways of introduction
Duration of effect of drugs of insulin
Dose and time of effect of anticoagulants of indirect action
Dosing and use of derivatives of a sulfonilmochevina
Acyclovir doses depending on clearance of creatinine
Doses of basic antiinflammatory drugs and mode of their dosing
Doses and temporary characteristics of effect of diuretics
Doses of cardiac glycosides at average and slow rate of a digitalization
Doses of tranquilizers at treatment of conditions of alarm
Dependence of speed of excretion of some medicines from rn urine
Change of the mode of dosing of chemotherapeutic drugs at HPN
Change of extent of linkng of medicines with protein at diseases of kidneys and a liver
Changes of bioavailability and the general clearance of drugs with high extent of hepatic extraction
Infectious diseases and choice of germicides
Classification and pharmacological features of APF inhibitors
Classification of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Classification by duration of action of hypnagogues
Classification of psychotropic drugs
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