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The diseases leading to emergence of cold agglutinins
Diagnosis of appendicular and gynecologic peritonitis
Diagnosis of appendicular and pneumococcal peritonitis
Diagnosis of abdominal pains at gynecologic diseases and an acute appendicitis
Diagnostic criteria of a multiple myeloma
Differential diagnosis of jaundices
Differential diagnosis between transudate and exudate
Immunopathological links of development of a herpes infection
Incubation intervals
Classification of atherosclerosis
Classification of diseases of an aorta
Classification and main cytologic characteristics of leukoses
Classification and properties of viruses of hepatitis
Classification of viruses of herpes, pathogenic for the person, and the diseases caused by them
Classification of pyelonephritis
Classification of polycythemias
Classification of a pseudorheumatism
Classification of symptomatic arterial hypertension
Classification of chronic gastritis
Classification of chronic pancreatitis
Classification of a chronic renal failure
Clinical classification of a herpes infection
Clinical signs of different types of dehydration
Medical tactics at a herpes infection
Mechanisms of protection of a macroorganism against a herpes infection
Acute management at meningitis
Complications of flu
Main ways of distribution of a herpes infection and its possible outcomes
Indications for treatment the ENT specialist diseases in sanatoria and in resorts
Signs of polycythemias
Reasons of a pleural exudate
Ways to decrease in incidence of infections sexually transmitted
Working classification and nomenclature of rheumatism
Symptoms which can come to light at patients with chronic cholecystitis
Syndromes of the infections transmitted to sexual
States, boundary for the pediatrician and the surgeon
Degrees of activity of a system lupus erythematosus
Stigmata of a dizembriogenez
Scheme of allocation and identification of a virus of a herpes simplex