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Development of the child

Help data on age development of children. 

Age features of physical development of the child
Voice reactions and sequence of development of the speech in healthy children
Classification of newborns
Clinicodiagnostic symptoms of a pre-natal hypotrophy at newborns
Critical periods of immunobiological reactivity
Critical periods of growth and development of a children's organism
Acute management at rage
Key parameters of physical development of newborns
Features of a bone tissue at children
Assessment of a maturity of the newborn
Assessment of physical development of children
The estimated table of body weight of the premature child taking into account its length
Estimated table of physical development of newborns
Percent of loss of body weight depending on gestational age
Development of motor acts in children of the first year of life
Development of the child in the first year of life
Distribution of water in an organism depending on gestational age
Stages of development of mammary glands, external genitals and pubic pilosis on Marshall — Tanner
The characteristic of borderline cases at children