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Urinogenital system

Reference materials on urinogenital system of the person, her diseases, sex hormones.

Nitrogenous components and titrable acidity of urine at children
Nitrogenous components of urine at various age
Age features of function of kidneys at children
Time of the first urination, number, daily amount of urine at children
Allocation with urine of products of an exchange of bilirubin
Protrusions of a contour of an ureter
Protrusions of a wall of a bladder
Defect of filling of a bladder
Defect of filling of a cavity of the uterus
Defect of filling of cups and pelvis
Deformation of a bladder
Deformation of a cavity of the uterus
Deformation of seed system
Deformation of cups and pelvis
The diagnosis and treatment of hereditary nephrite at children
Diagnostic methods of an assessment of kidneys and urinary tract at children
Dysuria at children
Diuresis, concentration of electrolytes of urine and their daily excretion
The differential diagnosis of renal colic at children
Additional shadows of a bladder
Change of volume of a cavity of the uterus
Change of position of a uterus
Change of position of a kidney
Change of a shape of a kidney
Tool diagnostic methods of diseases of kidneys at children
Clearance of endogenous creatinine at children
Consultation on reproductive health and contraception
Criteria of a renal failure at newborns with an oliguria
Treatment of an acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis at children
Medical problems of contraception
Methods of research of the urodynamic of kidneys at children
The ureter doubled
Disturbance of secretory function of kidneys
Disturbance of passability of uterine tubes
Disturbance of passability of an ureter
Hereditary diseases at children with damage of kidneys and urinary tract
Incontience and not deduction of urine at children
Insufficiency of a neck of uterus
Some indicators of function of kidneys at premature children
Uneven distribution of gas in retroperitoneal space when imposing a pneumoretroperitoneum
Roughness of contours of a bladder
Illegibility of contours of kidneys
Normal parameters of function of kidneys at newborn children
Calcifications in retroperitoneal space
Basic reasons of pains in a stomach bottom at girls
Acute glomerulonephritis (extrarenal symptoms)
Acute epididymite
Edematous syndrome at children
The relative density of urine at children
Lack of a shadow of a kidney
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