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Cardiovascular system

Various reference materials on cardiovascular system of the person. 

Adynamic zone of heart
The Antitrombotichesky means applied in treatment of patients with coronary heart disease
Apoptosis at chronic heart failure
Biventrikulyarny electrostimulation at chronic heart failure
Vitamins B treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Influence of thyroid hormones on cardiovascular system
Influence of increase in use of antihypertensives on prevalence of AG and hypertrophy of LZh
Endocardiac calcifications
The choice of anti-hypertensive drugs depending on the accompanying pathology
Protrusion and lengthening of a pulmonary trunk
Giperkatekholaminemiya at chronic heart failure
Myocardium hypertrophy
Deformation of an aorta
Diagnosis of chronic heart failure
Dilatation myogenetic myocardium
Dilatation tonogenny myocardium
Differential diagnosis of inborn heart diseases of pale type with not changed pulmonary blood-groove
Differential diagnosis of inborn heart diseases of pale type with the increased pulmonary blood-groove
Differential diagnosis of inborn heart diseases with the cyanosis which developed since the birth
Differential diagnosis of inborn heart diseases with "late" cyanosis
Differential diagnosis of various forms of coronary insufficiency
The importance of risk factors in development of cardiovascular diseases
The implanted left ventricular auxiliary devices
Calcification of valves of heart
Classification of coronary heart disease
Classification of stenocardia
Kliniko-instrumentalnaya the characteristic of the acquired heart diseases
Criteria of differentiation of systolic and diastolic dysfunction of a left ventricle
Laboratory methods of research at chronic heart failure
Lethality from a stroke
Treatment of chronic heart failure
Actions for change of way of life
The mechanism of ventricular arrhythmias at patients with chronic heart failure
The mechanism of an edematous syndrome at chronic heart failure
Insolvency of a left ventricle at chronic heart failure
Calcification of an aorta
Calcification of coronal arteries
Calcification of a myocardium
Calcification of a pericardium
Oxidizing stress at chronic heart failure
Dangerous medicinal interactions
Definition and classification of the ABP levels
Pathogenetic vicious circle at chronic heart failure
Pericardiac fatty stratifications
Turn of heart
Increase of intensity of an aorta
Mobility of heart
Position of heart
Advantage of decrease in the ABP depending on various risk degrees
Atrial and vascular corner
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