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The reference on endocrine system of the person, her diseases, disorders of food and disbolism.

Biochemical indicators of blood serum
Influence of medicines on indicators of function of closed glands
Glyukozo-tolerantny test
Dialysis therapy of patients with a diabetes mellitus
Ranges of fluctuations of sugar in blood during the glyukozotolerantny test
Medical examination of children with diabetes
Change of a gleam of a cross colon
Changes in an organism at hypo - and hyperfunctions of a thyroid gland
Classification of gipoglikemiya at newborns
Clinical effects of diabetic polyneuropathy
Concentration of glucose and diagnosis of a diabetes mellitus
Criteria of diagnosis of a hypoglycemia at newborns
Criteria of correction Ca and Mg
Medicinal tests in endocrinology
Mikroalbinuriya as a predictive factor of a lethality at a diabetes mellitus of the II type
Microalbuminuria as predictive factor of a diabetic nephropathy
Monitoring of control indicators at patients with a diabetes mellitus
Initial dosage of insulin of short action at a diabetes mellitus
Newborn risk groups on an early hypocalcemia
Approximate need for grain units in days for children and teenagers
Main directions of therapy of diabetic ketoacidosis
Feature of a clinical picture of uraemia at a diabetes mellitus
Food of children at diabetes
Causes of death of the patients with a diabetic nephropathy receiving a program hemodialysis
Recommendations about reception of additional HE at short-term physical activity
Mucoviscidosis symptoms
Compliance of concentration of glucose in whole blood and plasma
Table of grain units
Tables of transfer of the constants applied in endocrinology
Types of a neonatal hypocalcemia
Equivalent doses of calcium
Energy needs of children with diabetes