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Hemopoiesis and blood. Reference materials. 

Proteins and protein fractions of blood
Influence of various factors of a preanalitichesky stage on results of koagulologichesky researches
Hematologic changes at an Osler's disease
Decision-making tree at an assessment of disturbances of erythrocytes
Differential diagnosis of aplastic anemia
Dependence between number and volume of thrombocytes
Classification of anemias according to the automated blood test
Clinical displays of venous thrombosis
Criteria for evaluation of a standard glucose tolerance test
Laboratory signs of hemolysis
Leukemoid test
Medicinal correction of giperlipoproteinemiya
The medicines breaking functions of thrombocytes
Lipids and protein in blood serum lipoproteins
Metabolism of arachidonic acid of thrombocytes
The morphological characteristic of anemias taking into account erythrocyte indexes
Direction of shifts of indicators of an acid-base condition of blood
Nomenclature of hematologic indicators
Normal amounts
Normal indicators of prothrombin and partial tromboplastinovy time
Main indicators of acidosis and alkalosis
Consecutive stages of an iron deficiency state
Eosinophilia reasons
Percent of the "healthy" persons having autoantibodies
Blood coagulation process
Distribution of thrombocytes on volume
Screening tests for detection of tendency to bleedings
The maintenance of AKTG in blood
Content of electrolytes and osmolarity of biological liquids
Types and general characteristic of giperlipoproteinemiya
Types of medicinal immune hemolitic anemias
The factors causing hemolitic anemia
Erythrocyte indexes of main types of anemias
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