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Gastromaks Gastromax

General characteristic:

Main physical and chemical characteristics: white (impregnations are possible), round with a stamping of "GASTROMAX" on one party of a tablet.

Structure. 1 tablet for chewing includes: famotidine of 10 mg, calcium carbonate of 800 mg, magnesium hydroxide of 165 mg;

other components: aspartame, Mannitolum, sucrose, povidone, saccharin of sodium, Dextrosum anhydrous, magnesium the stearate, talc purified menthol, peppermint oil.

Form of release of medicine.

Tablets for chewing.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Means for treatment of a round ulcer and a gastro-ezofagoreflyuksny illness. Code of automatic telephone exchange A02BA03.

Pharmacological properties.

Gastromaks is a combination of drugs of famotidine for decrease in acidity and calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide for acidity neutralization.

Pharmacodynamics. Gastromaks, having a double formula of action, stops heartburn thus: the antacid reduces a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice, eliminating undesirable reactions (pain, heartburn), and H2 a blocker ІІІ generations which suppresses secretion of hydrochloric acid, both basal, and stimulated a histamine, gastrin and acetylcholine, at the same time along with decrease in products of hydrochloric acid and increase rn decreases also activity of pepsin. Optimum comparisons of active components as a part of drug are provided by decrease in acidity to normal level.

Pharmacokinetics. Famotidine reduces secretion of a histamine in H2 receptors, at the same time concentration of acid and secretion of gastric enzymes decreases. The clinical effect comes in one hour. Influence duration – about 10 - 12 hours.

Magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate is converters of gastric acidity.

Indications for use.

Gastromaks it is applied:

- for elimination of symptoms which are caused by a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice, such as: heartburn, feeling of overpopulation in epigastric area, a meteorism, nausea, turned sour an eructation, and also after mistakes in a diet, drug intake;

- at a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice (with heartburn or without it);

- at not ulcer dyspepsia.

Way of use and dose.

Adults and children, seniors are 12 years old: for weakening of symptoms to chew 1 tablet of Gastromaks and to swallow. Not to use more than 2 chewable tablets within 24 hours.

Side effect.

During the controlled clinical tests at treatment famotidine observed side effects, such as: headache, dizziness, lock, diarrhea.


Drug is not recommended to patients who suffer on a renal failure through accumulation of a small amount of the adsorbed magnesium ions that can bring to a depression, influence on the central nervous system and other symptoms of hyper magnesia. It is impossible to use drug if in the patient an allergy to famotidine and other components of drug for decrease in acidity.

Carefully it is necessary to apply to treatment of patients with an impaired renal function. It is not recommended to apply during pregnancy and a lactation.


For today it is not revealed.

Features of use.

Due to the insufficient experience of use of drug at children not to apply to children till 12 flyings.

It is careful to appoint the patient with renal failures and a liver.

Before an initiation of treatment it is necessary to exclude a peptic ulcer of a duodenum and stomach.

Interaction with other medicines.

Antiacid drug which consists from calcium ions and magnesium forms complexes with tetracyclines which considerably reduce concentration of an antibiotic in blood. Thus, reception of antiacid drugs and tetracycline has to be with a break at 1 - 2 o'clock. Joint the uses of antiacid drugs can change absorption wide to the range of drugs. Gastromaks can reduce warfarin level.

Conditions and period of storage.

To store at the room temperature (15 - 25 °C) in protected from light and the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity – 3 years.

Drug cannot be used after the termination of the period of validity specified on packaging.

"Gastrikumel   Gastrosidin"