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Gastrolith (Gastrolit)

Main physical and chemical characteristics: powder of cream color, after dissolution in water forms opalescent solution with a smell and taste of a camomile;

Structure. 1 bag of powder includes 0,35 g of sodium of chloride, 0,3 g of potassium of chloride, 0,5 g of sodium of bicarbonate, 2,9 g of glucose, 0,1 g of extract of a camomile of dry.

Form of release of medicine. Powder for preparation of solution for peroral use.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Anti-diarrheal drugs. Drugs of electrolytes with carbohydrates. Code of automatic telephone exchange A07C A.

Effect of the medicine.

Pharmacodynamics. The gastrolith – drug for treatment and prevention of conditions of dehydration, renews water and electrolytic balance and acid-base equilibrium in an organism. Electrolytes which loss always results at diarrhea are its part (Na+, K+, Cl-, HCO3-). At timely use the Gastrolith can avoid to developing of acidosis and elekrolitny disturbances, especially at children. Glucose which also is a part of drug promotes absorption of electrolytes and provides basic needs of an organism in energy. Active agents which contain in camomile extract have spasmolytic and antiinflammatory actions. Besides, extract of a camomile normalizes a peristaltics, intestines swelling warns.

Pharmacokinetics. After peroral use glucose is subject a metabolism to CO2 and N2O, and other components are removed, generally through kidneys (only insignificant their quantity is output with then and excrements).

 Indications for use. Prevention and treatment of states which are followed by dehydration of a different origin; disturbances of a water and electrolytic exchange.

Way of use and dose. The gastrolith is applied orally. Before use contents of a package are dissolved in 200 ml of hot boiled water and cooled. Solution cannot be sweetened.

Dosage at dehydration:

Children age till 1 year: depending on degree of dehydration of 50-100 ml/kg of body weight within the first 4–6 hours, and then about 10 ml/kg of body weight after each liquid emptying.

To children from 1 year to 3 flyings: depending on degree of dehydration, 50 ml/kg of body weight within the first 4 hours, and then about 10 ml/kg of body weight after each liquid emptying.

To children 3 years are more senior: within the first 4 hours of 500 ml (before thirst disappearance), and then about 100-200 ml after each liquid emptying.

Adult: within the first 4 hours – from 500 to 1000 ml (before thirst disappearance), and then about 200 ml after each liquid emptying.

The dosage at prevention of dehydration is defined depending on a condition of the patient from calculation:

– After each liquid emptying newborns and children have 10 ml/kg of body weight from 1 month to 3 flyings;

– 200 ml after each liquid emptying at children are more senior than 3 years and adults.

Side effect. The dispepsichesky phenomena are sometimes observed: nausea, vomiting.

Contraindications. A hyperpotassemia, an acute and chronic renal failure with disturbances of balance of electrolytes; anury; uninterrupted vomiting; disturbance absorption of carbohydrates; diabetes mellitus.

Overdose. At use of the recommended doses overdose is not observed.

At considerable overdose the hypervolemia (especially at patients with a renal failure), a hyperpotassemia is possible. In such cases it is necessary to stop uses of the Gastrolith, to define contents of electrolytes in blood. Treatment is directed to correction of water and electrolytic disturbances.

Features of use. It is necessary to apply with care the Gastrolith at oligurias, heart failure, arterial hypertension. In case of lack of urine within 6 hours from the moment drug use, it is necessary to stop its uses. At vomiting in 10 minutes repeatedly to accept drug slowly, small drinks.

 The gastrolith can be applied to treatment of women during pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Drug does not influence a psychophysical state, does not limit ability before driving by vehicles and service of mechanical devices.

Interaction with other medicines. It was not noted.

Conditions and periods of storage. To store at a temperature of 15-25 °C in the place, dry, unavailable to children. A period of validity – 2 years.

To keep ready solution at the room temperature within 24 hours.

Attention! In solution the deposit which does not influence the therapeutic value of medicine can be formed.

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