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Gastrofloks. Gastroflox.

General characteristic:

Main physical and chemical characteristics: the poroshkopodobny mass, mix of parts and pieces of a different form, flavovirent color, with inclusions of white and beige color;

Structure. 100 g to phytotea contain camomiles of flowers of 20 g, trees of a grass of 20 g, calendulas of flowers of 20 g, a St. John's Wort of a grass of 20 g, a peppermint leaves of 20 g.

Form of release of medicine. Tea.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Means which influence system of digestion and a metabolism.

Code of automatic telephone exchange A02X.

Effect of the medicine. Phytotea gastric Gastrofloks stimulates reparative processes in a mucous membrane of a stomach and a duodenum, improves digestion, reduces the dispeptic phenomena. Has antiinflammatory and fortifying action.

Indications for use. Apply to digestion improvement, to prevention and in complex treatment of chronic gastritis, a duodenitis, not ulcer dyspepsia, colitis.

Way of use and dose. To make 1 filter bag 1 glass (200 ml) of boiled water, to insist within 10 min. To drink hot 3 - 4 glasses a day.

Side effect. It is not established.

Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to drug components. Pregnancy and lactation. Children till 15 flyings.

Overdose. At reception of the recommended doses overdose is not observed.

Features of use. Not to exceed the recommended doses.

Does not influence ability of driving by motor transport and other mechanisms to which it is necessary for the increased concentration of attention.

Interaction with other medicines. It is not established.

Conditions and periods of storage. To store in the unavailable to children, dry, protected from light place. A period of validity – 2 years.

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