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Gastrofit (Gastrophytum)

Main physical and chemical characteristics: mix of pieces of a various form of glaucous color with brownish-red, zhyoltogoryachy, yellow and white inclusions, with a slight fragrant smell;

Structure. 1 packaging (100 g) includes rhizomes of an acorus 6 g, a root of a mallow of 7 g, flowers of caraway seeds of 7 g, flowers of elder of black 6 g, a grass of a St. John's Wort of 6 g, flowers of a calendula of 7 g, leaves of a nettle of 7 g, leaves of a peppermint of 7 g, a grass of a wormwood of bitter 5 g, flowers of a camomile of 7 g, fruits of a Sophora of the Japanese 8 g, a root of a glycyrrhiza of 8 g, a grass trees of 6 g, leaves of a sorrel of 6 g, hips of 7 g.

Form of release of medicine. Collecting.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Means which influence system of digestion and metabolic processes. Code of automatic telephone exchange A 16A X10 **.

Effect of the medicine.

Pharmacodynamics. Drug of Gastrofit shows spasmolytic properties, stimulates reparative processes in a mucous membrane of a stomach and a duodenum, regulates functions of a digestive tract, normalizes motility of intestines. Has also cholagogue and carminative action. The herbs which are a part of drug of Gastrofit have antiinflammatory and fortifying action.

Pharmacokinetics. Research of pharmacokinetic properties was not conducted.

Indications for use. Chronic gastritis with the kept or lowered acid-forming function a stomach; not ulcer dyspepsia; gastroduodenit; duodenitis; coloenteritis, prevention of recurrence and complex treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, colitis.

Way of use and dose. To make 2 tablespoons of collecting Gastrofit in 500 ml of boiled water, to insist in the closed capacity within 1 hour, to filter. To adults and children after 7 flyings to accept on 2/3 glasses (150 ml) in 20 – 30 minutes prior to food 3 times a day. Treatment should be continued within 6 – 8 days after a total disappearance of symptoms of a disease. The course of treatment averages from 1,5 to 2 months.

Side effect. Allergic reactions are possible.

Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to any components of drug. Children's age till 7 flyings.

Overdose. It is not established.

Features of use. Gastrofit's use during pregnancy and feeding by a breast perhaps only in a case when the advantage of use exceeds potential risk.

Interaction with other medicines. Undesirable interaction with other medicines is meanwhile not known.

Conditions and periods of storage. To store in dry, protected from light and the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature of 15 - 25 °C. A period of validity – 2 years. Medicine should not be used after the termination of the period of validity specified on its packaging.

"Gastro-gran   Gepadif of a capsule"