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Gastro-gran. Gastro-gran.

Main physical and chemical characteristics: granules, soluble in water, sweet on taste, white color with a grayish or cream shade;

Structure. Anakardium of 200CH 20 mg; Nuks vomika of 1000CH 20 mg; Arsenikum album 1000CH 20 mg; Argentum nitrikum 1000CH 20 mg; Kalium bikhromikum 200CH 20 mg;

excipient: the krupka is sugar.

Form of release of medicine. Granules are homeopathic.

Farmakoterapevtichesky group. Means which influence system of digestion and a metabolism. Code of automatic telephone exchange A16A X.

Pharmacological properties. Gastro-gran relieves pain, the dyspepsia phenomena, accelerates healing of erosion and ulcers. Shows the regulating action on function of a vegetative nervous system, promotes improvement of microcirculation in a digestive tract, improves a peristaltics.

Indications for use. Gastritises, peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum.

Way of use and dose. At pains to accept 7 granules under language, 3-5 times per day. At chronic gastritises – on 5 granules, 1-2 times a day. If necessary to repeat a course of treatment. To children there are from 1 to 7 flyings – at the rate of 1 granule of Gastro-gran for a year of life (on 1 reception).

Side effect. It is not revealed.

Contraindications. No.

Overdose. Does not lead to negative effects and does not demand antidotovy therapy.

Features of use. To accept granules under language, to a full rassasyvaniye, in 15-20 minutes prior to or in an hour after food.

In need of a granule to dissolve in a small amount of water.

Administration of drug during the periods of pregnancy and a lactation is possible.

Interaction with other medicines. At association with other medicines the interval between their receptions has to make not less than 30 minutes.

Conditions and periods of storage. To store in the place, dry, unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. Period of storage – 3 years.

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