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Diagnosis of various diseases and painful states. Questions of differential diagnosis of diseases, especially sindromioskhodny – nearly the most difficult and responsible stage of diagnostic activity of the doctor. At the disposal of the practical doctor there are various sources of an inforamtion devoted to the description of separate nosological forms. Much more difficultly in the vast sea of information to find something accurately indicating optimum ways of diagnostic search at the separate syndromes and symptoms which are daily found to the doctor, say, at the progressing weight loss, the increased perspiration, fever of not clear origin etc.

The navigator on syndromes at children
Shin pains
Thorax pains atypical
Pains in a face
Pains in the field of a basin at women
Acute pain
Allocations from a nipple
Genetic diseases (prenatal diagnosis)
Headache, acute
Diagnosis of peripheral hypostases
The diagnosis of the premature (accelerated) puberty
Diagnosis of the chronic small tortoiseshell
Diagnosis of chronic heart failure
Diagnosis of diseases of the broken digestion and absorption at children
Diagnosis of genetic diseases at children
Diagnosis of diseases of a digestive tract at children
Diagnosis of diseases of blood at children
Diagnosis of diseases of an urinary system at children
Diagnosis of diseases of a respiratory organs at children
Diagnosis of diseases of cardiovascular system at children
Diagnosis of diseases of connecting fabric at children
Diagnosis of infectious pathologies at children
Diagnosis of disbolism at children
Diagnosis of medical emergencies at children
Diagnosis of nervous diseases
Diagnosis of osteoporosis at children
Diagnosis of pathology of bone and joint system at children
Diagnosis of pathology of endocrine system at children
Diagnosis of pneumonia of a long current
Diagnosis of the third states at children
Diarrhea is chronic
Dystonia is muscular
Differential diagnosis of a ketoatsidotichesky and hypoglycemic coma at children
Differential diagnosis of premature sexual development
Differential diagnosis of jaundice
Differential diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleedings
Differential diagnosis of pleurisy
Differential diagnosis of pneumonia
Differential diagnosis of a polycythemia
Differential diagnosis of purpura
Differential diagnosis of heart failure
Respiratory insufficiency, acute
Gastrointestinal bleeding of not clear etiology
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