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The beginning - Diagnosis and treatment of infections of female generative organs

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Laboratory diagnosis
Urogenital clamidiosis
Bacterial vaginosis
Mikst - infections
Viral infections
Herpesviridae infection
Tsitomegalovirusny infection
Human papillomavirus infection
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In recent years around the world and in our country growth of incidence of infections, sexually transmitted, among adult population is noted and that causes special alarm, among children and teenagers. Incidence of clamidiosis and trichomoniasis grows. According to WHO data, trichomoniasis wins first place on frequency among infections, sexually transmitted. Annually in the world 170 million people get sick with trichomoniasis.

Along with growth of incidence development of medicinal resistance to the majority of antibiotics is noted. The large-scale and multicenter researches conducted by clinical physicians and microbiologists showed that medicinal stability represents the greatest complexity in treatment of patients with various infectious processes, especially mixed etiology. From part it is promoted by unfairly overestimated dosage of antibacterial and anti-protozoan medicines, incorrectly picked up therapeutic schemes of treatment which are not considering interaction of the appointed drugs in an organism. The special concern causes steadily decreasing level practically all links of a host defense leading to long, torpid course of an urogenital infection virus, bacterial and, especially mixed nature which percent continuously and threateningly quickly grows.

Multi-infections make not less than 30% in structure of infectious diseases of a lower part of a genital tract already now, that is at every third patient the infectious process caused by several activators comes to light.

Now prevalence of self-treatment leads to emergence of stability of various microorganisms to antibacterial drugs that in turn, leads to further decrease in immunity.

The specified factors lead to frustration of physical and mental health, disadaptation in marriage, to growth of number of stains, infertility, pregnancy not incubation that causes important social and economic aspects of this problem.

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