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Azopiramivy test

Staining reactions on blood.

On 1 liter of solution give 100 g of pyramidon and 1,0-1,5 g of muriatic aniline. Substances mix in dry ware and fill in 95% with alcohol up to the volume of 1,0 l. mix is carefully mixed before full dissolution of ingredients.
Ready solution can be stored in densely closed bottle in the dark at 4 °C; in the refrigerator - 2 months; in the dark at the room temperature (18-23 °C) - no more than 1 month. Moderate yellowing of a reactant in the course of storage without loss of a deposit does not reduce its performance data.

Just before statement of test prepare working solution, mixing equal volume quantities of an azopiram and 3% of peroxide of hydrogen.

You remember: working solution of an azopiram has to be used within 1-2 hours, otherwise spontaneous pink coloring can appear. At a temperature of 25 °C solution turns pink quickly therefore it is used within 30-40 minutes.
It is impossible to subject to check hot tools, and also to hold solution on bright to light, at the increased temperature (near heating devices).

Suitability of working solution of an azopiram is checked in case of need: 2-3 drops apply on a blood spot. If not later, than in 1 minute there is a violet coloring passing then in lilac color, the reactant is suitable for the use (brownish coloring can appear);

If coloring within 1 minute does not appear, the reactant cannot use.

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