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Acute appendicitis

Acute appendicitis — an inflammation of a worm-shaped shoot of a caecum.
Symptoms. The disease begins against full health with emergence of abdominal pains. They have no accurate localization in the beginning, but are more often noted in an anticardium or about a navel, then usually move to the right ileal area.
Pains have constant character more often and can be insignificant or very strongly expressed. Patients at the same time note the general weakness, an indisposition, dryness in a mouth, feeling of heat or a fever, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, fervescence, a delay of a chair and gases. If the worm-shaped shoot is located glad with a bladder, there can be dysuric frustration, with a rectum — a diarrhea. At cough of an abdominal pain amplify
The most informative symptoms at an acute appendicitis: local morbidity in the right ileal area, tension of belly muscles, positive symptoms of Shchetkin — Blyumberg and Razdolsky to the right of a navel. At an acute appendicitis there are positive symptoms of Rovzinga, Sitkovsky and Voskresensky.
Very important diagnostic reception is manual research of a rectum and vaginal examonation — at women. By means of these methods it is possible to distinguish a pelvic arrangement of a shoot and to exclude acute inflammatory diseases of internal generative organs at women. The comparative assessment of body temperature in axillary Area and a rectum is informative. At an acute appendicitis a difference of these indicators more than 1 °C.
Acute management. At a pre-hospital stage the patient with an acute appendicitis no medical procedures are carried out.
Hospitalization. At establishment of the diagnosis "acute appendicitis" as well as at the assumption of existence of this disease urgent hospitalization in surgical department is shown. Hospitalization is shown also at impossibility to differentiate an acute appendicitis from other diseases. Patients with an acute appendicitis in a stage of infiltrate are subject to the urgent direction in a hospital. Transportation is obligatory in lying situation.

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