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Quinsy is guttural

Quinsy guttural — an inflammation of the lymphoid educations disseminated in the form of small islands in an entrance to a throat, in walls of morganiyevy ventricles, pear-shaped sine, an epiglottis.
Symptoms. At the patient are noted pain when swallowing a voice osiplost, the breath sometimes complicated, increase in regional lymph nodes, the increased body temperature, at a laringoskopiya is found an inflammatory infiltration of an epiglottis, scooped - epiglottidean or vestibular folds. At supervision over breath an asthma which has inspiratory character is defined, i.e. the difficulty of a breath prevails. Perhaps fast increase of a stenosis (narrowing) of a throat.
Acute management. At guttural quinsy and a stenosis of a throat the medicamentous destenozirovaniye is carried out to stages of compensation and subcompensation (intravenously Prednisolonum of 30 — 120 mg. 1% of solution of a Dimedrol of 1 — 2 ml, Pipolphenum of 23% 1 ml, lasixum with ml, solution of an Euphyllinum of 2,4% 5 — 10 ml). If the stenosis of a throat accrues and decompensation signs (a long sonorous breath, retraction of skin in the field of nadgrudinny appear and subclavial poles, cyanosis of integuments, a tsianotichnost of lips) the urgent konikostomiya or a tracheostomy is shown
Hospitalization: urgent in otorhinolaryngological department.

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