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Algorithm of actions when rendering acute management at an acute anaphylaxis at children

1. To stop administration of the substance which caused an anaphylaxis.
2. To lay the child in situation with the raised foot end of a bed, to cover, impose heat with hot-water bottles, to turn the head on one side, to give humidified kisloyorod.
3. The place of an injection "crosswisely" to cut away 0,1% adrenaline solution at the rate of 0,1 ml/year of life, isotonic solution of sodium of chloride, divorced in 5 ml. To impose a plait above the place of an injection of allergen (if it is possible) for 30 minutes, without squeezing an artery. At administration of allergenic drug in a nose or in eyes it is necessary to wash out them water and to dig 0,1% solution of an adrenaliyon and 1% hydrocortisone solution
4. At the same time to enter 0,1% into any other body part adrenaline solution (0,1 ml/year of life) every 10-15 minutes before improvement of a state, at its progressive deterioration to enter 0,2% solution noradrenaline in/in into 20 ml of 5-10% of solution of glucose.
5. In/in to enter Prednisolonum (2-4 mg/kg) or a hydrocortisone (10-15 mg/kg), at a neyoobkhodimost in 1 hour to repeat.
6. At an obstructive syndrome in/in struyno 2,4% solution of an Euphyllinum of 3-4 mg/kg.
7. In oil to enter 2% solution of Suprastinum or 2,5% tavegil solution (0,1 ml/year of life).
8. At heart failure of 0,06% Korglykonum solution (0,01 mg/kg) in/in slowly in 10 ml of 10% of glucose, lasixum (1-2 mg/kg) in oil. Hospitalization of an obyazayoteln even at disappearance life-threatening states in connection with a vozyomozhnost of secondary shock. In a hospital to continue actions, ukazanyony above. If necessary carry out completion of OTsK by drop introduction of 5% of solution of glucose, Polyglucinum and a reopoliglyukin, at an otsutstyoviya of stabilization of the ABP enter into kapelno 0,2% noradrenaline solution (0,5-1 ml), 0,1% phenylephine hydrochloride solution (1-2 ml), Prednisolonum (2-4 mg/kg). In hard cases
at an apnoea of the patient transfer to IVL.

Literature: Tactics of rendering the emergency acute management in pediatrics.
Under edition of the prof. V. N. Chernyshov

Necessary medicines:
0,18% adrenaline solution hydrotartrate of 0,5% glucose solution
0,2% noradrenaline solution hydrotartrate solution of a reopoliglyukin
0,9% solution of sodium of chloride of 3% Prednisolonum solution
2,4% solution of an Euphyllinum of 2% Suprastinum solution
0,06% solution of Korglykonum of 1% furosemide solution

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