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Adynamic zone of heart

Adynamic zone ("mute" zone) — the term designating lack of a pulsation on a krayeobrazuyushchy contour of a cardiovascular shadow. Origins of an adynamic zone (And. h.) are various: formation of an extensive hem after the postponed myocardial infarction, at an atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, development of calcifications in a wall of auricles and ventricles, fibrinferments of an auricula atrii or aneurysmal cardiomegalies and aortas, considerable accumulation of liquid in a pericardiac bag (vypotny a pericardis), an union between fibrous and serous pericardiac bags, calcification of a pericardium (armored heart), extensive outside pericardiac fatty stratifications, etc. (fig.).
The sign of an adynamic zone is dynamic. Its extent can change, up to disappearance.
Adynamic zones at roentgenoscopy, a rentgenokimografiya and X-ray cinematography come to light. The optimum projection is defined in each case depending on localization of pathological process (usually direct and one of slanting). Necessary condition of detection And. h. its removal at multiaxial research in a krayeobrazuyushchy arch is.
Адинамичная зона на уровне левого желудочка
Fig. An adynamic zone at the level of a left ventricle: 1, 2 — a direct projection; 3 — the left slanting projection.

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