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Abscess (Latin abscessus — abscess) — inflammatory process in fabrics with their fusion and formation of a purulent cavity. Can independently arise or as complication of other diseases. Process is caused by hit in an organism of pyogenic microbes through the injured skin, mucous membranes or distribution of the activator on circulatory and absorbent vessels from other suppurative focus. Abscess can develop in hypodermic cellulose, muscles, bones, internals (lungs, a liver, a brain and so forth) or between abdominal organs — ioddiafragmalny abscess, interintestinal, appendicular and so forth. Arisen in the place of implementation of microbes, abscess is delimited from healthy fabrics by a capsule thanks to defense reaction of an organism. Clinically signs of inflammatory process depending on a stage of development, arrangement depth are inherent in abscess. At superficial localization — reddening, a swelling, pain, increase of the general and local temperature, etc., at a deep arrangement — dysfunction of body in which abscess and so forth is located. The capsule of abscess can become thinner, and it is independently opened through skin, in a gleam of a bronchial tube, a gut etc. At other localization break of abscess can lead to heavy complications. Treatment — surgical. Abscess of a liver or brain (is more rare other. bodies) can arise at an amebiasis, as a result of hematogenous dissimination a dysenteric amoeba or its contact penetration into the next bodies. Abscess of a liver can result also from bacterial infection of the general bilious and hepatic channels at penetration and death of ascarids into them — liver abscess askaridozny. Sometimes also the aseptic abscesses developing as a result of hit in fabric of the substances capable to cause suppuration without participation of causative agents of a purulent infection meet.

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