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Abscess is retropharyngeal

Abscess retropharyngeal - an acute inflammation and suppuration of lymph nodes of retropharyngeal space. Develops at children of chest age, on the 2nd less often 3 — the 4th year of life as complication of quinsy, rhinitis, otitis, children's infectious diseases, and also at microtraumas of a mucous membrane of a throat.
Symptoms. Fervescence, concern, swallowing disturbance Cough at reception of liquid food in connection with its hit in a throat. The voice of the deaf, but an aphonia does not happen. Are characteristic an adaptive and protective zaprokidyvaniye of the head with an inclination in the sick party and the noisy, heard at distance, bubbling breath, especially during a dream. The difficulty of breath amplifies at vertical position of a body that is caused by flowing off suppurating from top to bottom and reduction of a gleam of an entrance to a throat. Quite often there is a swelling on a neck, round the corner a mandible.
Diagnosis. Is established by survey of a back wall of a throat (at the same time the pallet pushes aside the basis of language of a kpereda and from top to bottom). Manual research of abscess is obligatory, otherwise the mistake in the diagnosis is possible. Detection of elastic, usually unilateral, quite often fluctuating swelling on a back wall of a throat solves the diagnosis. In doubtful cases resort to a trial puncture of pharyngeal protrusion the Differential diagnosis — with the "cold" retropharyngeal abscess developing more often at tuberculosis. The course of "cold" retropharyngeal abscess chronic, and to operational opening it is not subject.
Acute management. At sharp difficulty of breath and danger of asphyxia during transportation make opening or a puncture of abscess a thick needle at home. The child is swaddled and seated on a lap at the assistant who one hand presses the child's head to the breast, and another holds a trunk. At a low arrangement of abscess the doctor an index finger of the left hand pushes aside language and controls advance of a scalpel or needle. Previously the scalpel should be wrapped an adhesive plaster, having left free its end (no more than 0,8 cm). The section is made in the place of the greatest protrusion of abscess vertically from below up then the assistant immediately inclines the child's head for the prevention of flowing of pus in a throat down.
Hospitalization: urgent in children's otorhinolaryngological department.

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