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Prostate abscess

Abscess of a prostate results from transition of an inflammation at prostatitis on parenchymatous tissue of a prostate gland and fusion of its separate centers. Merge of purulent ochazhok leads to formation of abscess of gland.
Symptoms. A febricula, tremendous oznoba, fervescence to 40C and more, the expressed crotch pains. Acts of an urination and defecation are painful and complicated. There can be an urination delay Sharp opacification of urine is observed at spontaneous opening of abscess in an urethra, a bladder.
Diagnosis. Is established on the basis of characteristic clinical symptoms. At rectal research of a prostate — sharp morbidity, can be defined fluctuation and also an infiltration along rectum sidewalls.
Acute management. The diagnosis of abscess of a prostate is the indication for urgent surgery — opening of abscess with drainage of his cavity. Before hospitalization the help has to be directed to fight against painful attacks.
Hospitalization: it is obligatory not only at establishment of the diagnosis, but also at suspicion on prostate abscess.

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