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Abscess is paratonsillar

Abscess paratonsillar — an acute inflammation and suppuration of lymphadenoid fabric of palatine tonsils, but mainly cellulose which surrounds them.
Symptoms. During recovery after quinsy body temperature increases again and there is a spontaneous pharyngalgia which is gradually accruing and amplifying when swallowing. In most cases pain unilateral, the pricking character, with distribution to an ear, on teeth. Incomplete painful disclosure of a mouth is characteristic that is caused by a lockjaw of chewing muscles. Submaxillary and cervical lymph nodes, mainly on the one hand are increased. The head is not mobile, inclined in the sick party. At a faringoskopiya sharp puffiness and a hyperemia of one half of a soft palate are found. The almond on the party of defeat is stuck out in a pharyngeal cavity, displaces an edematous uvula to the opposite side. Owing to almost full immovability of a soft palate the voice becomes nasal, swallowing of food is complicated or it is absolutely impossible (the liquid food in attempts to swallow it often follows from a nose). Hypersalivation. Feeling of asthma false.
Differential diagnosis: a sdifteriya, an almond tumor, aneurism of a carotid artery or hemorrhage in okolomindalinovy cellulose.
Acute management. At the created abscess its opening (is more often not 3 — the 5th days). After greasing of a mucous membrane the anesthetizing solution make a section a scalpel in the place of the greatest protrusion, then enter a packer and, moving apart fabrics, provide drainage of abscess. In most cases opening of abscess is made by the otorhinolaryngologist in the conditions of policlinic or in point of acute management.
Hospitalization in otorhinolaryngological department at the expressed intoxication or lack of convincing data on drainage of abscess. At the remaining symptoms lacunary or an angina follicularis (a plaque on almonds) hospitalization is carried out in infectious department.

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