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Abortion (Latin abortus — an abortion) — abortion at women in the first 28 weeks when the fruit is still impractical. Distinguish a misbirth — abortion without any interventions and abortion artificial - the abortion caused by impact on a fruit or on the pregnant woman's organism. Diseases of the pregnant woman (typhus, malaria, a rubella, pneumonia, flu, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, tuberculosis, etc.) and a fruit can be the reasons of misbirths. Abortion at animals — abortion with the subsequent exile from a uterus of dead (abortion) or unripe (bastard) of a fruit. Distinguish abortion infectious (it is caused by penetration into an organism of mother of causative organisms or parasitic protozoa and helminths), noncontagious, idiopathic (as a result of impact directly on a fruit) and symptomatic (arising at impact on an organism of a female).

"Aboral   Abortal infection"