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Chronic complications of diabetes at children

диабет у ребенкаAs soon as at the child the diagnosis of diabetes is established, parents often go to library behind information on the matter and appear before the fact of possibility of complications. After the period of the experiences connected with it parents receive the following blow, having learned statistics of the incidence and mortality connected with diabetes.

Viral hepatitis in the early childhood

Relatively recently the alphabet of hepatitis in which viruses of hepatitis A, B already appeared C, D, E, G was replenished with two new DNA-containing viruses, a TT and SEN. We know that hepatitis A and hepatitis E do not cause chronic hepatitises and that viruses of the hepatitis G ITT most likely are "an innocent audience" which are given down and do not affect a liver.

Measures for treatment of chronic functional locks at children

ребенок естAt treatment of chronic functional locks at children it is necessary to consider important factors in the history of an illness of the child; to establish good relationship between the medical employee and the child family for implementation of the offered treatment properly; many patience from two parties with repetition of guarantees that the situation will gradually improve, and courage in cases of possible recurrence, - make the best way of treatment of the children suffering from locks.

Lumbar osteochondrosis

остеохондроз Believe that every fifth adult on the earth has lumbar osteochondrosis, this illness meets both in young, and at advanced age.

About medical emergencies at early children's age

Medical emergencies are various situations in the clinical plan which threaten the child's life because of existence of danger of a decompensation of the vital functions of an organism: breath, blood circulation, nervous activity, etc.

Results of research of scientists throw down a challenge to ideas of treatment of a diabetes mellitus

диабетResults of ten years' research undoubtedly proved that frequent self-checking and maintenance of level of glucose of blood in the limits close to normal leads to considerable decrease in risk of the late complications caused by a diabetes mellitus and reduction of degree of their weight.

Epidemiological control of the medics who had contact with blood of HIV-positive people

ВИЧ(for the aid to health workers of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments)

In methodical instructions questions of supervision over the health workers who had contact with blood of the patient of the infected HIV are taken up. Actions on purpose, preventions of professional infection of HIV are offered. The log-book and the act of office investigation at contact with blood of the HIV-positive patient are developed. The order of informing higher bodies on results of medical supervision over the medics contacting to blood of the HIV-positive patient is defined. Are intended for health workers of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments.

Displays of rickets at children with disturbance of forming of hip joints

рахит у детейIn practice of children's orthopedists of traumatologists rather often to be raised the question of need of confirmation or an exception of disturbances of forming of hip joints (a dysplasia of hip joints, congenital dislocation of a hip) at babies. The analysis of inspection of 448 children with clinical signs of disturbances of forming of hip joints is shown in article.

Medical gloves as instrument for ensuring of infectious safety

Медицинские перчаткиMost of nurses and doctors dislike gloves, and not for nothing. In gloves sensitivity of finger-tips is lost, skin on hands becomes dry and is shelled, and the tool strives to slip out hands. But gloves were and remain the most well-tried remedy of protection against an infection.

Intrahospital infections

Who has to protect the health worker from threat of infection, first of all, with AIDS and hepatitis?

Acute intestinal infections at children

The Acute Intestinal Infections (AII) take the leading place in infectious pathology at children, especially early age. In a problem of their studying special relevance at the present stage is acquired by questions of timely early diagnosis; nature of clinical disease; differential diagnosis; developments of the complications leading to failures; and also the carried-out adequate etiopatogenetichesky therapy. Essential feature of OKA is the polietiologichnost and broad range of clinical forms — from subclinical to toxic. Depending on an etiology and a pathogeny of OKA are divided into invasive intestinal infections at which disease-producing factors are shigellas, salmonellas, enteroinvasive escherichias, campylobacters; and secretory — are a cause of illness rotaviruses, adenoviruses, astroviruses, and also bacteria (enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic escherichias) and parasites (cryptosporidiums, isodisputes, balantidiya, a microsporidium). 

Chlamydial infection in obstetrics and gynecology

Clamidiosis of genitalias is the most widespread among diseases, sexually transmitted. Growth of diseases of clamidiosis among the young women who just entered the period of sexual activity is around the world observed.

Tsikloferon in treatment of diseases of the infectious nature

Now growth of separate nosological forms of infectious diseases, first of all, of viral infections is noted. One of the directions of improvement of methods of treatment – use of interferon, as important nonspecific factors of antiviral resistance. Which treats tsikloferon - the low-molecular synthetic inductor of endogenous interferon.

Dysbacteriosis at children

The quantity of the microbic cells which are present at skin and mucous a macroorganism, contacting to external environment exceeds number of cells of all its bodies and fabrics combined. The weight of microflora of a human body averages - 2,5-3 kg. I.I. Mechnikov who assumed that various metabolites and toxins produced by various microorganisms occupying bodies and systems of a human body are the reason of many diseases for the first time paid attention to value of microbic flora for the healthy person in 1914. The problem of dysbacterioses causes many discussions with the extreme range of judgments in recent years.

Diagnosis and treatment of infections of female generative organs

In recent years around the world and in our country growth of incidence of infections, sexually transmitted, among adult population is noted and that causes special alarm, among children and teenagers. Incidence of clamidiosis and trichomoniasis grows. According to WHO data, trichomoniasis wins first place on frequency among infections, sexually transmitted. Annually in the world 170 million people get sick with trichomoniasis.

Toxoplasmosis at pregnant women

Toxoplasmosis — the eurysynusic zoonotic parasitic disease which is characterized by polymorphism of clinical manifestations and considerable variability of a course of process: from a healthy, asymptomatic carriage, to severe, lethal forms of an illness.

Intestinal dysbiosis at children

The intestinal dysbiosis and secondary immunodeficiency even more often meet in clinical practice of doctors of all specialties. It is caused by the changing living conditions, harmful effects of preformirovanny environment on a human body.

Viral hepatitis at children

Data on a viral hepatitis of A, B, C, D, E, F, G at children are provided to the lectures "Viral Hepatitis at Children". All clinical forms of a viral hepatitis, the differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention existing now are given. Material is stated from modern positions and counted on students of older years of all faculties of medical schools, doctors - interns, pediatricians, infectiologists and doctors of other specialties who are interested in this infection.

Preparing food for a couple

Healthy delivery basis of all The double boiler has a basis which a dolzha to be completely shipped in the water which is in capacity. Under the influence of electric current the basis heats up and water begins to boil, allocate steam which rises up, there where tanks with products settle down. It turns out that the food is steamed only. When water evaporates completely, the device independently has to be switched-off. It will resume the work in case you pour again new water which is desirable for passing at first via the water filter. Here so everything difficult and just at the same time. The healthy nutrition, in many respects helps to prevent illnesses and to do without drug treatment.


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