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Symptoms of a disease. Cholelithiasis is a formation of stones in a gall bladder, sometimes in bilious channels. More often persons get sick 40 years are more senior, however also children quite often suffer. Residents of the cities are more inclined to a course of a disease, women are more often. Early diagnosis is made by research of bile on cholesterol. Cholesterol remains in the dissolved state in bile in the form of micelles. At a disease cholesterol drops out in a deposit and crystallizes.
Risk factors of cholelithiasis. Improper feeding. Long intervals between meals. Slow-moving way of life and the irrational food causing disbolism and stagnation of bile. Disturbance of a lipometabolism with increase of cholesterol in blood (at atherosclerosis, obesity, a diabetes mellitus).

Prevention of cholelithiasis.
• Whenever possible to apply rules of separate food with inclusion of the products containing vitamins C and E (deficit of these vitamins leads to decrease in level of bile acids and formation of stones).
• Before the main meals to use crude vegetables in the form of salads. Their quantity has to be 3 times more, than quantity of proteinaceous food.
• To enter the wheat bran normalizing composition of bile into a diet. At long breaks between meals to use any crude fruit.
• To exclude the following products from a diet: egg yolks, fried and fat dishes, fresh fancy bread, chocolate, bean, sweet creams, cream and sour cream, sharply acid and salty dishes, sugar.
• To include the following products in a diet: Boiled meat. Ovalbumins, - fresh cottage cheese, milk, kefir and curdled milk. Kashi. Vegetables, fruit and berries, except for sharply acid. Bread white and gray yesterday's. Macaroni and vermicelli. Lenten soups with vegetables and grain. Oil creamy or olive — not less than 10 g a day. The herring soaked. Juice apricot, peach; mix of juice of carrots, beet, cucumbers in an equal proportion. Green tea.
• Regular exercise stress of mainly aerobic character: jogging, swimming, walking on skis, rowing, cycling.
• Riding.

Treatment of cholelithiasis folk remedies.
• Broth of a birch leaf — 1 tablespoon with top of dry birch leaves to fill in with 1 glass of boiled water, to boil 20 min., to insist, having wrapped up, during 1 h, to filter. To drink long time in the morning and in the evening on 1 glass in 30 min. prior to food.
Corn stigmas: 1 tablespoon on a glass of boiled water to insist 20 — 30 min. To accept on 1 glass 4 times a day in 30 min. prior to food.
• When weakening function of a gall bladder it is recommended to include fresh cucumbers in a diet.
• Juice or a brine of a white cabbage on 0,5 glasses 3 times a day to food in a warm look strengthens biliary secretion, gastric and pancreatic juice.
Radish juice with honey in equal quantities promotes dissolution of stones and sand, strengthens an intestines peristaltics.
• Improve function of a gall bladder of berry: wild strawberry, dogrose, mountain ash.

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