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Liver diseases

Symptoms of diseases. Pain or feeling of discomfort in the field of the right hypochondrium. Increase in the sizes of a liver. The regular termination of a dream between 1 — 3 h night. At the first signs of disturbances of work of a liver it is necessary to see a doctor.

Risk factors of diseases of a liver.
• The frequent use of products with high content of starch (products from white flour, potatoes).
• Overeating (especially before going to bed)
• A large number in a diet of fried and stewed food.

Prevention of diseases of a liver.
• To exclude from a diet: alcohol; fried and stewed meat.
• To limit the use of a sorrel, a rhubarb and spinach (they interfere with digestion of calcium and iron).
• To use daily, alternating: dairy products, fish, eggs.
• To eat daily 1 — 2 garlic glove.
• To accept mint infusion — 2 teaspoons on a glass of boiled water, to drink in 1 days.
• Not to overeat, especially before going to bed.
• To use in breaks between meals not less than 2 l of water (up to 2 — 3 throats). Can enter this quantity: infusions of a St. John's Wort, dandelion, wild strawberry, sage, shamrock, immortelle. Prolonged use of the last causes locks therefore herbs need to be combined.
• To drink before going to bed a glass of the cooled boiled water in which 1 teaspoon of honey and several drops of lemon juice or citric acid is dissolved. Before reception of drink of 1 — 2 h is not.

Medical actions (sokolecheny).
• Flowers of an immortelle sandy, a ninety-knot grass, a St. John's Wort grass — on 200 g; birch leaves, buckthorn bark, leaves of a nettle gonochoristic, hips — on 100 g 1 tablespoon (full) of the crushed mix to make 300 ml of the boiling water, to boil 5 min., to insist in a thermos during 4 h. To drink in a warm look 0,5 glasses 3 times a day in 15 — 20 min. prior to food.
• To drink on 1 glass of fresh juice of cabbage in 30 min. prior to food within a month at cholecystitis.
• At hepatitises: Marsh to fill in 1 teaspoon of the crushed rhizome of an acorus with 1 glass of boiled water, to insist 20 min., to filter. To drink 4 times a day on 0,5 glasses in 30 min. prior to food.
Camomile (2 parts), valerian (2 parts), ninety-knot (1 part), corn stigmas (3 parts), mint (1 part), yarrow (1 part), caraway seeds (1 part), fennel (1 part). To place 1 tablespoon of collecting in a thermos and to fill in for the night with 1 glass of boiled water. To filter and cool in the morning. To accept in 30 min. prior to food 0,3 glasses, having diluted with hot water.
• To carry out vegetable fasting days (on doctor's orders): 2 kg of cucumbers in 5 receptions once a week, 1,5 kg of water-melons without crust in 5 receptions of 1 — 2 time a week.
• To regularly include in a diet honey, grapefruits, porridge or juice from pulp of pumpkin, oat broth, carrots broth (with a tops of vegetable) leaves and berries of a guelder-rose, and also an asparagus, eggplants, a laminaria, beet, a black radish (to clear, rub, fill with cottage cheese or sour cream).

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