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Vesicular rickettsiosis

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Vesicular rickettsiosis
Etiology and epidemiology
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Vesicular rickettsiosis — the acute transmissible natural and focal rickettsial disease which is characterized by a high-quality current, existence of primary affect, a peculiar rash and regional lymphadenitis.
Synonyms: gamazovy, vesicular, ospovidny rickettsiosis, spotty fever.
Lat. — rickettsios vesicularis.
English — rickettsialpox; vesicular rickettsiosis.

Short historical data.

The disease is for the first time described by R. Huebner, P. Stamps, A. Armstrong (1946) at inhabitants of apartment houses of New York under the name "rickettsial smallpox"; then about 500 cases were registered. They studied the activator, the rickettsia which they called R. acari was it. In the next years the diseased came to light also in other regions of the USA.
The similar disease was revealed and in detail described by professor I. R. Drobinsky in the territory of Donetsk region in 1948, it was given the name "Donetsk rickettsiosis", "rikketsioz-D".
In 1950 S. M. Kulagin in the course of a passage on Guinea pigs managed to allocate similar cultures of rickettsiae from sick people, domestic mice and rats. These rickettsiae received the name Dermocentroxenus murinus, and the disease caused by them — "a vesicular rickettsiosis".
The subsequent researches proved that R. acari and Dermocentroxenus murinus are absolutely identical in this connection both of these names are competent, but use the term "R. acari" more often.


Distribution of a vesicular rickettsiosis substantially is defined by activity of rodents, first of all rats and house mice. It defines also preferential incidence of residents of the cities which are especially living in old houses. Now in many countries growth of population of domestic rodents is noted that can create very unsuccessful epidemiological situation further.
Cases in North America, the Central Africa, in the states of Central Asia are registered. In the USA annually there are about 200 cases of diseases. in our regions the ospovidny rickettsiosis is registered mainly in the southern areas. It is unlikely the existing statistics reflects true incidence as favorable current and an outcome of a disease push this infection on the importance the background in comparison with other more dangerous rickettsioses. Also ignorance of this pathology by practical doctors affects.

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