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Physical exercises

One of the most difficult diseases of peripheral vessels — the varicosity amplifying in a climacteric is shown in their sacculate expansion, increase in their length, formation of uzloobrazny balls and crinkles. The varicosity affects more often,  veins of the lower extremities, a rectum, are more rare - veins of a gullet and a seed cord.

The course of a disease is promoted by the clothes squeezing a body. Mothers put on children shorts with too hard elastic bands, close panty hoses and breeches, without paying attention to the blue-crimson traces remaining on a body. Girls ruthlessly "tighten a waist", wear bras with the narrow shoulder-straps crashing sometimes so that on shoulders zhelobovidny crimson-blue deepenings are formed. Some wear close pants or swimming trunks. All this leads to disturbance krovo-and lymphokineses in pelvic area and afterwards can become one of the reasons of a varicosity of superficial veins on hips and pains in a waist and buttocks, and at women — also morbidities of periods. Both children, and men, and women wear socks with hard elastic bands which squeeze shins that sharply breaks blood circulation and can cause hypostases of feet. The golfs crashing into legs under knees also break krovo-both the lymphokinesis in shins and feet — it is especially dangerous during pregnancy, at mature and advanced age. It is impossible to wear the clothes leaving squeezing marks on a body. Various elastic bands and belts have to touch a body only. Therefore in socks, golfs, tights it is necessary to cut carefully 3 — 4 elastic bands that they became more free. It is desirable to replace narrow shoulder-straps on bras wide.

During the work costing a long muscle tension of legs, the raising of weights is also led to disturbance krovo-both by lymphokineses and to a varicosity. Very often this disease develops in pregnancy time therefore for its prevention since four months of pregnancy costing to the women working, it is necessary to use elastic rollers, to do self-massage of legs, to carry out physical exercises and to lie more often with the raised legs. It is desirable to take a heat bath for the night. It is necessary to bandage legs in the morning after exercises, to remove bandage in the evening (working facing — to bandage work, to remove bandage after it). Bandaging is carried out in a sitting position, the bandaged leg is extended or bent in a knee and leans on a stool. Bandage from the basis of fingers of foot to a knee joint, and each subsequent round of bandage covers previous half. The hip is bandaged from a knee joint (the knee joint is not bandaged) to an upper third of a hip (each round of bandage also covers previous half). On each leg 3 — 4 thin elastic rollers are necessary. Erase only them soap, in warmish water — it is impossible to erase powder and to boil as they will lose elasticity.

Self-massage at a varicosity

2 times — and are desirable to carry out in the morning self-massage of legs in the evening. Mass a hip, a knee joint, a shin, an Achilles tendon and foot.

The hip is massed from a knee joint to inguinal area in a sitting position sideways on a bed (or a sofa), the massed leg is straightened on a bed (or a sofa), and another is lowered down; sitting on a chair or on a floor; lying sideways on a carpet. Receptions and order of massage: stroking, squeezing, stroking, puddling, stroking, potryakhivaniye, stroking, grinding, stroking. Shock receptions are contraindicated.

The knee joint is massed sitting on a bed or a carpet, having straightened a leg. Methods of massage: stroking, grinding, stroking, active movements and stroking. The shin is massed from anklebones to a knee joint in sitting positions, the leg is bent in a knee, developed knaruzh, the heel lies on a knee another, legs; sitting, having bent a leg in a knee, leaning a heel against something. Methods of self-massage: stroking, puddling, stroking, squeezing, stroking, potryakhivaniye, stroking.

Self-massage of an Achilles tendon is carried out from a heel to an average third of a shin in a sitting position, the heel of the massed leg lies on a knee of other leg, the hip is developed knaruzh. Methods of self-massage: stroking, grinding, stroking, the movements in an ankle joint in all directions, stroking.

Self-massage of foot is carried out in the same starting position, as at massage of an Achilles tendon, and separately mass a heel, a sole, a foot dorsum, and sometimes and fingers. Methods of self-massage: stroking, puddling, stroking, grinding, stroking. In conclusion carry out stroking of all leg (in a standing position, the massed leg is bent in knee and coxofemoral joints, costs on a stool) from an ankle to a groin. All methods of self-massage, carry out 4 times, then mass other leg. After self-massage it is recommended 3 — 5 min. to lie down quietly with the extended and raised legs.

It is recommended to create during a dream evenly raised position of legs on 20 — 30 cm that feet had the maximum elation (a corner in hip joints of 45 — 50 degrees).

At a varicosity it is important to select footwear correctly. It has to be free, not press on raising of feet as there pass superficial veins. If flat-footedness is found, it is necessary to put special instep supports in footwear.
At a varicosity grapes and products from it (juice, raisin, wine), bean (peas, lentil, haricot, beans), fat beef-infusion broths, jellies — the products promoting a sklerozirovaniye of vessels and adjournment of salts are not recommended.

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