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Vaccinal eczema

Vaccinal eczema (eczema vaccinatum, vaktsiniya) is caused by a virus of a vaktsiniya and arises at the children sick with eczema imparted by a bovine vaccine, or at contact of the child sick with eczema with the children who received an antismallpox detritis (in 1-2 weeks). The rashes with retraction in the center which are leaving behind scars are characteristic not plentiful multichamber bubble and pustular ospennopodobny (is more often asymmetric). Vaccinal eczema begins around the place of an inoculation, and then can disseminate. Mucous membranes of a mouth, genitalias, conjunctivas are sometimes involved in process. Lymph nodes are not palpated or are slightly increased. The disease proceeds with low temperature reaction more often, the health is not so broken, as at herpetiform eczema of Kaposha.

Treatment. Appoint gamma-globulin injections, antibiotics (Oletetrinum, aureubmitsin, tseporin, erythromycin), Methisazonum.

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