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Shift of a loop of a small bowel

Loops of a small bowel. Shift is characterized by change of a usual arrangement of lean and ileal guts, their pushing off to the left, to the right, down or up (fig. 1). At the same time loops of a small bowel are pulled together, it is from each other difficult to separate them, they represent one conglomerate or a ball of loops, each of which separately is not differentiated. Filling with a contrast agent more often uneven, in the form of separate inclusions. The relief is reconstructed, mobility is limited, contours in most cases indistinct.

Смещение петель тонкой кишки
Fig. 1. Shift of loops of a small bowel (tumor of an abdominal cavity).

Morphological substrate — an inflammatory and tumoral infiltration and development of cicatricial fabric in abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space. It is observed at a tumor and tumorous formations of abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space, a tubercular mesadenitis, metastasises in lymph nodes.
It is distinguished at roentgenoscopy and a X-ray analysis with use of a contrast agent and pharmacological drugs in various projections in vertical and horizontal position. For clarification of the reason of a symptom the intravenous urography, research in the conditions of a pneumoperitoneum, a pneumoretroperitoneum and an angiography are recommended.

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