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Kaposha's sarcoma

Kaposha's sarcoma, Kaposha's angiosarcoma, angioretikulez Kaposha (Angioreticulosis Kaposi), multiple hemorrhagic sarcoma (Sarcoma multiplex haemorrhagicum) – the disease representing multiple malignant new growths of skin. This illness is widespread in the basic among patients with HIV infection. Carry a virus of herpes of the 8th type (HHV-8, VGCh-8) to the factors provoking development of sarcoma of Kaposha.

On hands and legs, is more often in the field of feet and shins, there are spots of bluish-violet color which infiltrutsya gradually, forming round or oval disks, nodes with the shelled surface. Sometimes at the beginning of a disease there are papules reminding rashes at red flat herpes. Gradually tumors have the sizes of 1,5-4 cm a diameter. They are plotnovata, are elastic or testovata are, as a rule, penetrated by teleangiectasias and can be followed by pains especially when pressing. Then nodes can resolve, making the pigmented impressions reminding hems at a chronic current Kaposha's sarcoma proceeds for years. However in several years dissimination of nodes, glorification of lymph nodes, elephantiasis of extremities, transformation in a true sarcomatosis with metastasises in bones, lungs, a liver, etc. can be observed. In these cases temperature increases, the pneumorrhagia poyavlyavlyatsya, a bloody diarrhea, there come the cachexia and a lethal outcome.

Histopathology. Existence in granulematozny fabric of extravasates and hemosiderin allows to suspect an early stage of sarcoma of Kaposha. Existence angiomatous (numerous vascular rosveta, sometimes meshotchaty, surrounded with a layer of endothelial and peritelipny cells) or the fibroblastichesky centers with young fibroblasts of a spindle-shaped form which developed from perithelial adventitious cells is characteristic of ozdny stages. Availability of extravasates and kernels of hemosiderin distinguishes the fibroblastichesky centers at Kaposha's sarcoma from a fibrosarcoma.

Treatment of sarcoma of Kaposha.

In the presence of immunological advantage factors against the asymptomatic course of a disease perhaps system treatment of sarcoma of Kaposha. In that case the forecast can be favorable. But patients with the bad forecast of a disease can also pass system treatment. It includes system polychemotherapy or palliative monochemotherapy. Appoint 3-4 courses of monotherapy Prospidinum in a year, at a dose of 3-6 g for one course.

At topical treatment of sarcoma of Kaposha appoint applications of 30% of ointment of Prospidinum, cryotherapy, injections in a tumor of chemotherapeutic drugs, beam methods, applications with dinitrobenzene chloride, injections in an interferon tumor an alpha and other methods. Beam methods apply, as a rule, in the presence of the large, painful centers. Surgical removal of fabric is dangerous, owing to risk of infection at HIV infection.

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