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Reklingauzena illness

Reklingauzena illness (Reclinghausen F. D., 1833 — 1910, German pathologist; synonyms: a hyper parathyroid osteodystrophy, a generalized fibrous cystic osteodystrophy, parathyroid osteoz) — the disease arising owing to the increased function of epithelial bodies (parathyroid adenoma) and which is shown in disturbance of a mineral exchange with secondary bone reorganization and the strengthened removal from an organism of salts of calcium. It is more often observed at women of 20 — 40 years, slowly progresses.
Reklingauzen's illness begins at the age of 20 — 40 uncharacteristic symptoms (dull aches in bones, the general weakness, vomiting, a polyuria, a polydipsia, a hypomyotonia, tachycardia, appetite loss, nausea, thirst, urolithiasis signs). Gradually mobility restriction develops, spontaneous changes, pains of various character, osteoporosis and formation of multiple cystous manifestations in bones, a xeroderma, deformations of bones, changes on site of the cystous centers in bones are noted.
On the roentgenogram — system osteoporosis, thinning of a cortical layer and trabecular network. Long tubular bones are thickened and are dugoobrazno bent. Basin is deformed in the form of "card heart". In the marrowy channel and cortical substance since the metafizarny ends are defined multiple various sizes of a cyst. In an epiphysis of long bones — infiltrates of colossal cells, a porosis of vertebrae, a kyphosis, pseudoarthroses.
In blood — a hypercalcemia, a nephrocalcinosis, a gipofosforemiya. In urine — protein, low specific weight, the expressed calciuria. Ginekotropizm.
Symptomatic treatment. At deformations of bones apply operations — corrective osteotomies with removal of the pathological center. Adenoma of epithelial body is subject to removal.

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