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Multiple sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis
In more detail about an illness
Symptoms of a disease. Multiple sclerosis arises aged from 18 till 45 years, is rare — after 45 years, and is a serious illness of the central nervous system. The first signs of the beginning sclerosis - an inflammation of an optic nerve and disorder of gait. Then the independent chair stops, the person loses ability to go. Disturbance of nerve conduction, dystrophy of muscles, changes in lymphatic system are observed; processes of a metabolism are broken. If the person constantly lies, blood circulation in lungs is broken. It creates a favorable environment for development of an infection, and there is pneumonia. Such secondary complications can be the reason of death.

If the following symptoms of this disease are observed, then it is necessary to see a doctor:

• Tremor (trembling) of extremities.
• Trembling of an eyeglobe at assignment of eyes.
• Inflammation of an optic nerve.
• Disorder of gait.
• Wrong performance of koordinatorny tests
(at the closed eyes it is necessary to touch with a finger precisely a nose tip).
• Sensitivity disturbance.
• Anemia (anemia).
• Dizziness.
• Disturbance of the speech (the person speaks as though on syllables, there is no smoothness).
• Instability in Romberg's pose (legs together, eyes
are closed, hands forward, fingers in the parties).
• False desires to an urination.
• Termination of an independent chair.
• Loss of ability to go.

Risk factors of multiple sclerosis.

• Bad heredity.
• Environmental pollution.
• Infectious diseases.
• Toxic influences.
• Stresses.

Prevention of multiple sclerosis.

• High intellectual and physical activity.
• Prevention of infectious diseases.
• Immunity increase.
• Healthy nutrition.

Medical actions. Except use of the medicine prescribed by the doctor fortifying remedial gymnastics is recommended.

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