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Principles of treatment of cirrhosis

At treatment of cirrhosis the similar principles with treatment of chronic hepatitis are observed. Treatment depends on an etiology, a stage of cirrhosis, extent of its compensation and complications.
First of all, all sick cirrhosis are necessary:
• observance of the mode — restriction of physical activity, a bed rest at an exacerbation of a disease;
• a diet No. 5 with the full-fledged content of vitamins and proteins; protein content in a diet is limited at development of hepatic encephalopathy; restriction of table salt at development of ascites;
• refusal of alcohol intake;
• exception of hepatotoxic medicines. Etiological treatment at the majority of forms of cirrhosis is absent. Antiviral therapy at viral cirrhosis was not repaid because of small efficiency and considerable side effects yet.
At alcoholic cirrhosis refusal of the use of ethanol can render a favorable effect.
From medicines at treatment of cirrhosis use gepatoprotektor, glucocorticoids at the expressed immunoinflammatory syndrome and symptomatic means.
Purpose of Prednisolonum is contraindicated at the expressed ascites, a hemorrhagic syndrome, dekompensirovanny cirrhosis, a peptic ulcer, infectious complications.
At PBTs, in connection with a persistent itch, it is appointed holestiramin, connecting bile acids in intestines.
The symptomatic treatment includes treatment of ascites, portal hypertensia, a hypersplenism, a liver failure.

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