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The reasons of a liver failure at children's age


  1. viral hepatitis, especially B, C, D (it is rare And);
  2. hay fever;
  3. adenoviral;
  4. enteroviral (Koksaki);
  5. tsitomegalovirusny;
  6. infectious mononucleosis;
  7. Q fever;
  8. the viral infection disseminated herpes a simplex;
  9. klostridioz.


  1. Ray's syndrome;
  2. Wilson's illness.

Drugs, chemicals, poisons:

  1. acetaminophenon;
  2. salicylates;
  3. tetracyclines;
  4. tetrachloride carbonate;
  5. ethanol;
  6. phosphorus;
  7. anesthetics;
  8. mushrooms.

Ischemia, hypoxia:

  1. acute circulator insufficiency;
  2. aggravation of a syndrome of Badda-Hiari;
  3. acute pulmonary insufficiency;
  4. bandaging of a hepatic artery;
  5. strong blow (to the area of a liver).
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