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Piokokkovy granuloma

Piokokkovy granuloma — high-quality posttraumatic proliferation of vessels of capillary type with secondary microbic infection.


The Piokokkovy granuloma often occurs at persons man's and female, mainly at children and young men, is rare at elderly people.

Etiology and pathogeny

Etiological factor is the microtrauma with accession of the combined strepto-staphylococcal and viral infection.

Clinical signs and symptoms

The Piokokkovy granuloma represents an exophytic small knot or a node of rose-red color, with a brilliant surface, on the wide basis or on a leg, is frequent with an erosion, purulent films, bleeding.

The diagnosis and the recommended clinical trials

Cytologic research of a smear-skarifikata or print is necessary.
At morphological research in a derma accumulations of neogenic capillaries decide on an edematous endothelium and signs of its proliferation with existence of numerous mitoses in fresh elements. The stroma is friable, edematous. At an ulceration in a stroma the expressed inflammatory reaction with existence of the joined microbic flora.

Differential diagnosis

Bacillar angiomatosis, pigment-free melanoma

General principles of treatment

Electrocoagulation, laser evaporation.
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