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Papillary syringadenoma

Papillary syringadenoma — the rare highly differentiated benign tumor of a sweat gland, a gistogeneticheska connected with its channel.


Average age of patients of 45 years is more often observed at women, than at men (a ratio 5:1).

Etiology and pathogeny

Are studied insufficiently. Concerning a histogenesis of tumoral elements of opinion of authors are various.
Perhaps, the papillary syringadenoma represents combined group of new growths, partially with ekkrinny, partially with an apocrenic differentiation.

Clinical signs and symptoms of a papillary syringadenoma

At 2/3 patients the tumor is localized on skin of average and distal departments of extremities, presents itself education in the form of accurately delimited small knot of semi-spherical shape, sometimes with the semi-translucent wall, with a diameter of 0,5 — 1,5 cm.
Occasionally in the central part of a tumor there is an erosion.

The diagnosis and the recommended clinical trials

Cytologic research of a smear-skarifikata or punctate, and also biopsy are shown.
The pathomorphologic picture of a papillary syringadenoma is characterized by an epidermis papillomatosis, epidermal outgrowths get into a derma with formation of cysts. The parenchyma of a tumor is made by the papillary growths covered 2-or a multirow ferruterous epithelium. The cells turned into a gleam, high, prismatic, with oval kernels and eosinophilic cytoplasm, usually with signs of active golokrinovy secretion. The cells turned to a surrounding derma, small, cubical with roundish dark kernels and scanty cytoplasm. Nipples are rich with a stroma with a lympho-histiocytic infiltration.
Except nipples and cysts at a tumor quite often there are tubular structures intertwining among themselves covered by a two-layer epithelium. In gleams tubul the plentiful granular eosinophilic PAS positive contents steady against a diastase, and a necrotic detritis.
Epidermis over nipples often ulcerates, at the edges of an ulceration the acanthosis is noted. A diagnostic character of a papillary syringadenoma is availability of dense infiltrate in a derma, especially in nipples of a stroma of a tumor, consisting of plasmocytes. Often in a tumor find unripe sebaceous glands and hair structures.

Differential diagnosis


General principles of treatment

At a papillary syringadenoma electroexcision, surgical excision are shown.


"Papilloma   Pilomatrikoma"