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Pancreatitis is acute

Pancreatitis acute - in structure of acute surgical diseases of abdominal organs acute pancreatitis takes on frequency the third place (after appendicitis and cholecystitis). Its emergence is caused by various factors: reception of plentiful greasy food and alcohol existence of concrements in bilious ways (biliary pancreatitis).
The disease is observed at persons aged from 30 flyings and is more senior, women are ill more often.
Distinguish three main forms of acute pancreatitis: acute hypostasis of a pancreas; hemorrhagic pancreatitis, it is purulent - necrotic pancreatitis.
Symptoms. Acute pains in epigastric area of the surrounding character, nausea, the repeated vomiting which is not giving relief, abdominal distention. Delay of a chair and gases. General condition of the patient heavy. Pulse is frequent, weak (the collapse phenomena). Cyanosis of the person, extremities. Body temperature in the beginning normal or subfebrile
Diagnosis. Recognition of a disease is facilitated in cases of a recurrent current of the instruction on cholelithiasis, on communication with plentiful reception of greasy food, alcohol Characteristic abdominal pains with irradiation in a back, vomiting, local morbidity in epigastric area in the absence of a muscle tension, morbidity in the left costal and lumbar corner (a symptom of Mayo — Robsona), a serious general condition of the patient — all this has to incline the emergency doctor to statement of the diagnosis "acute pancreatitis".
Acute management. Urgent hospitalization in surgical department. However the doctor at a pre-hospital stage has to carry out the following medical procedures: spasmolysants (nitroglycerine — 1 — 2 drops under language, 2% Nospanum solution — 2 ml intramusculary), cholinolytics (0,1% atropine solution), antihistaminic drugs (a Dimedrol, Suprastinum, isopromethazine). Administration of these drugs leads to decrease in pancreatic hypersecretion, removal of vasospasms of a pancreas and Oddi's sphincter. Same also use the place, on area an eligastriya of bubbles with a harmony promotes.
If at a pre-hospital stage an opportunity to enter intravenously liquids is represented, then it is carried out immediately (5% glucose solution, isotonic solution of sodium chloride). At a collapse it is necessary to enter at the same time 1 ml of 5% of solution of ephedrine or 1 ml of 1% of solution of a phenylephine hydrochloride and 250 mg of a hydrocortisone or 60 mg of dexamethazone.
Hospitalization urgent in a hospital lying on a stretcher.

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