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Complex of special physical exercises at obesity

The slow-moving way of life, overeating, as we know, promote accumulation of fatty deposits. In an initial stage of this process it is rather simple to return to normal weight. If time is missed, the lipometabolism is broken, the illness — obesity develops.

Degree of obesity defines veso-growth an indicator: weight (in kg) equal to growth (in cm) minus hundred is considered normal. For example, height is 173 cm, weight is 73 kg. Distinguish four forms of obesity: first (easy) — veso-growth an indicator is higher than norm for 25%; the second (obviously expressed) — to 35%; the third — from 35 to 50% and the fourth (a severe form of obesity) — is more than for 50%.

At an initial form of obesity it is recommended:

1) daily morning hygienic exercises;
2) complex of special physical exercises;
3) rational diet;
4) walking of 2 — 3 h in day on average and slow speed. It is desirable to go on foot to work and from work (especially that who works sitting or leads a slow-moving life), after food of 20 — 30 min.;
5) jogging to food or in 1 h after it, from 10 to 30 min. (on doctor's orders);
6) air bathtubs (whenever possible daily) of 30 min. to 1 h in the winter, from 1 to 3 h in the flying;
7) a dream (without underwear or in pants) on air or indoors with an open window or a window leaf;
8) a bath or a sauna (quantity and duration of procedures the doctor defines);
9) the shower at distance of 20 — 25 cm a strong stream in places of an adiposity (on a stomach, hips) 5 — 10 min., water temperature is 35 — 36 degrees;
10) tennis, volleyball, bicycle and ski walks, rowing, skating, outdoor games. Duration of occupations is from 1 to 2 h with rest as required;
11) massage and self-massage by hands and a linen towel, well pounding a neck, a back, hips, shins. Self-massage is recommended to do after performance of physical exercises 2 times a day (in the morning and in the evening);
12) pedestrian walks of 1 — 2 time a week;
13) outside work: in a garden, a kitchen garden, the wood, during the haymaking, etc.;
14) occupations on exercise machines (a racetrack, the exercise bike) from 10 to 30 min. on average speed.

The overeating and starvation to the same extent strengthen disturbance of a lipometabolism. It is better to eat in the same hours in the fractional portions — 5 — 6 times a day. The food has to be various, with dominance of vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy products (without sour cream, oil, cream), and also low-fat grades of fish and meat. Fat grades of meat, fish, grain, flour, groat, confectionery and sugar are excluded.

Fruit and vegetable soups are useful (on vegetable oil); vinaigrettes and vegetable oil salads; vegetable and rice cutlets, pumpkin on vegetable oil; stuffed cabbage (with meat and rice); stewed vegetables with vegetable oil; fried vegetable marrows; the vegetable marrows, pepper, eggplants and tomatoes stuffed with vegetables or rice with meat; millet cereal on milk (with pumpkin); meat cutlets (steam or fried on vegetable oil); low-fat fish, boiled or stewed in own juice; cottage cheese, cheesecakes (without sugar and sour cream), cottage cheese casserole.

Fasting days 2 — 3 times a week are recommended (for example, apple and cottage cheese, apple and kefiric or vinegretny). In fasting days it is necessary to eat food of 6 — 8 times a day, to drink 1 — 2 l of liquid a day (depending on growth and weight, quantity and juiciness of the eaten fruit and vegetables). The vegetable and fruit juice, tinctures and broths of herbs strengthening a peristaltics of intestines and release of sweat are very useful.

Medical foods at obesity

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