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The osteopathy is renal gipofosfatemichesky

Osteopathy renal gipofosfatemichesky (synonyms: phosphatic diabetes, a secondary hyper parathyroidism, a rakhitopodobny illness, a hypophosphatemia) — a gipofosfatemichesky renal osteopathy. Hereditary disease. The hypovitaminosis of D is a cause of illness.
Characteristic signs: low growth, rachitic deformations of a thorax, varus deformations of hips, shins and feet, and also in bones of upper extremities. Disturbance of a skeletogeny with numerous deformations is noted. Osteomalacy, pain, a myopathy are observed. In blood: reduction of alkaline reserves, hypocalcemia, hypoproteinemia. In urine: increase in content of amino nitrogen, phosphates, oxyproline.
The mentality at patients is not broken. Sometimes there are pathological changes.
Radiological the general osteoporosis of bones of upper and lower extremities, shirokopetlisty structure of spongy substance, expansion of epiphyseal zones, false changes are defined.
Treatment is conservative, symptomatic. Surgical it is not applied as any kind of an anesthesia causes big complications (a serious condition, a lethal outcome).
The forecast is adverse.

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