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Infiltrates and abscesses of an abdominal cavity - appendectomy Complications

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Appendectomy complications
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Infiltrates and abscesses of an abdominal cavity
Inflammatory "tumors" of an abdominal cavity
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Adhesive desease
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Infiltrates of the right ileal area after appendectomy are not considered as rare complication. According to our data, it arose at 22 patients (0,43%). In literature point to big frequency — 2% (K. I. Rogozhina, 1952), 1,64% (K. V. Vladimirov, 1958). In most cases complication developed at patients with destructive forms of an acute appendicitis (19 patients), at 3 patients is after removal of an appendicism.
The surrounding shoots of the infected fabric (a perifocal inflammation), the leaving in an abdominal cavity of a top of a shoot, its serous cover which dropped out of a shoot gleam fecal stones and other foreign bodys can be an origin of infiltrates of the right ileal area. The invaginated stump of a worm-shaped shoot at healing process disturbance, piercing of an intestinal wall at annular pication can be epicenter of infiltrate.
Diagnosis of this complication is based on emergence of the stupid, aching pains in the right ileal area arising on 3 — the 5th days after the performed operation.
At a palpation morbidity, sometimes a muscle tension of a front abdominal wall is defined, then it is possible to define painful infiltrate of a dense and elastic consistence, without accurate contours. Temperature to 37,5 — 38 °, in blood a moderate leukocytosis with shift of a formula to the left, acceleration of ROE increases. In more hard cases the terrible phenomena of dynamic intestinal impassability join the listed phenomena.
The conservative therapy including purpose of anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapeutic methods and antibiotics in most cases leads to an infiltrate rassasyvaniye. Only at 4 patients observed infiltrate suppuration with development of abscess of the right ileal area and in one patient there is a recurrence of infiltrate in 1,5 months after an extract from clinic.

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