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Tumors of bones

Tumors of bones. Development of the majority of bone tumors is connected with various phases of bone formation. Depending on features of fabric from which the tumor proceeds distinguish its following types across Kole:



Fibroma of bones Osteosarcoma Primary chondrosarcoma Secondary chondromyxosarcoma Malignant giant-cell tumor
Eidotelioma (Ewing's sarcoma) Angioma
Multiple myeloma, plazmokletochny myeloma Eritroblastom's Myelocytoma
Retikulokletochny sarcoma Myosarcoma

Not osteogene fibroma of bones Osteoma
Ossiform osteoma
Ecchondroma Osteochondroma Benign giant-cell tumor Fibrous dysplasia High-quality hondroblastoma
Single-chamber bone cyst Hemangioma
Plexiform angioma Myxoma
Hondromiksofibroma of bones.

The tumor of a bone can be primary and secondary. Primary develops from the fabrics forming a bone: periosteum, endosteal elements and so forth. It can develop also from the elements of marrow participating in a hemopoiesis from vessels. The secondary tumor burgeons in a bone from the soft tissues surrounding it, and also metastasizes from the remote centers (milk and thyroid glands, a prostate, hypernephroma, tumors of internals, etc.). Both primary, and secondary tumor of a bone happens high-quality and malignant.

"Not epithelial tumors of a large intestine   Tumors of the hemopoietic and adenoid tissue"